Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Galaxy Z Fold 3 break sales records… They aren’t even yet out

Samsung’s latest flagship phones launched August 11th, but already they are racking up significant sales numbers as customers flock to the foldable technology.

Customers are placing preorders for Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Galaxy Z Fold 3 before the phones arrive on high-street shelves.

Samsung fans in South Korea have placed almost 1 million pre-orders of the phones. Last year, only 81,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphones were available for pre-order.

The figures for the rest are not yet available, though they are believed to be much larger. Samsung has said there have now been more pre-orders for the two models than sales of all previous Samsung foldable phones. This means that Samsung is on track to sell 6-7 million of its two foldable smartphones, something many thought impossible.

Price could explain the huge increase in interest. They are still expensive, but they cost less than the previous foldable phone models.

Customers are more interested in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (prices starting at PS949) than they were for the Fold, accounting for around two-thirds. It and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are both cheaper than previous models, which were priced at PS1,600 & PS1,799, respectively.

Samsung will continue to improve the folding phone design and manufacturing processes, allowing it to offer new features at a lower cost. This could position it ahead of competitors like Apple and Google, who are heavily rumoured be interested in folding design ideas within their R&D departments. However, neither company has made any public announcements.

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It could be due to the extensive reviews that foldable phones are getting. According to the Verge, the Fold is “the first folding phone that appeals to mainstream smartphone buyers and not just early adopters of Flip models.” TechRadar stated the Fold was “the best foldable phone we recommend…without hesitation span>

This is a good sign that foldable phones are here to stay, as buyers don’t see them as a danger. The same can be said for Samsung’s initial attempt at folding phones, in which the screens crashed after only a few days. ()

Samsung spokeswoman said that the company was grateful for the overwhelming customer reaction to its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphones. The demand for foldable phones is high. Pre-orders for Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3 have already exceeded total Galaxy Z device sales to this point in 2021. Our goal is to provide the best experiences for our customers. “

If you do feel like taking the plunge, Samsung is offering a sweet deal to iPhone users. Anybody who trades in an iPhone X11 or 12, will receive a PS550 discount on the cost of the new Fold models.

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