GTA 6’s rival is scheduled to release on February 20, 2222 for Xbox and PlayStation.


GTA 6's rival is scheduled to release on February 20, 2222 for Xbox and PlayStation.

With Rockstar Games linked to several Grand Theft Auto projects, it’s interesting to hear that an established GTA 6 rival is launching in 2022.

According to what we have seen, GTA 3 Vice City and San Andreas will soon be on shelves in 2021.

These titles are likely to be very popular and available on all platforms. However, next-generation titles won’t have them.

These remasters are not expected to make a significant improvement, nor will they be able to compete with Saints Row.

The launching of a new Saints Row video game is confirmed for February 2022. It will be accessible across all platforms.

We know for now that Saints Row will work across-gen. However, this doesn’t mean we can predict how the game will perform on Xbox Series X or PS5.

However, there is a significant gap between GTA remasters launching in 2022 and Saints Row’s new game.

DeepSilver’s first statement of announcement reads, “We have our sights set on Santo Ileso, a city that combines big-city business with darkened alley crime. This is the ideal place to create a criminal empire. It also makes it the largest and most exciting playground we have ever made.

“Also on a side note: The best Tacos of the American South West (Chalupracarbra’s has a certain “kick”, if I understand what you mean). This is the law of this city. You’ve never heard of her. It’s not possible to be self-made following the laws. If you think so, it’s boring. So we’ll just do it our own way. There are many criminal opportunities in the city that will help you further your interests. Rent doesn’t even pay for itself.

You can be as crazy as you like in the journey from Newbie through Boss to Boss.

We’ll be talking more about the most comprehensive character creator of all time. But it wouldn’t have been a Saints Row title if it didn’t allow you to roleplay in many roles, from bank manager, green-skinned alien zombie, and so on.

We’re there for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum. We also offer seamless, untethered coop, so that you can have those Saints Row moments with a friend – it’s magic!

These are some of the promised features for Saints Row’s new launch next year.

Watch the birth of The Saints: This action-packed original story is full of crime, incredible scenes, and surprises that are laced with humor.

Explore the Wild, Wild, West: Dive into Santo Ileso to discover the largest and most beautiful Saints Row playground, spread over nine distinct districts, surrounded by vast, magnificent beauty of the Southwest Desert.

Building Your Criminal Empire: Take control of the entire city block-by-block, wage war on enemy factions, and tighten your hold on the streets through ingenious criminal endeavors.

Fire guns. There are many guns – Shoot revolvers at the hip and fire a rocket launcher. Or, get up close with melee heavyweights for brutal takesdowns. There are many familiar and unusual weapons that can be customized and made deadly.

You can take to the streets and skies – Take off in one of these cars, bicycles, planes or helicopters to blast through desert and urban environments.

Incredible Customization – Make the boss of your dreams with an unprecedented character customization tool. Then, complete the look by adding incredible weapons and vehicles.

Seamless co-op – Enjoy everything with your friend anytime, via completely untethered drop in/drop out co-op. You don’t need to bring either one of you out on the wild action. Play nice or pull all the pranks against your partner. Who’s the boss now, after all?

GTA 6 will not be available on shelves before 2024. However, the main difference is that it will be an authentic next-gen experience.

Saints Row will be supported on the last- and next-gen platforms, but GTA 6 is only available for PS5 and Xbox Series X. This means that it will not be affected by any aging technology.

It should be mentioned that GTA 5’s next-generation version will arrive later in the year. However, this is a game which was released in 2013.

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