“He is lucky Vader didn’t beat him to death” – AEW Commentator on Shawn Michaels scandal

AEW‘s legendary announcer Jim Ross was around when the infamous incident between Vader and Shawn Michaels took place at Summerslam in 1996. JR stated that HBK was fortunate the legendary wrestler didn’t beat him.

Shawn Michaels and Vader were involved in a feud heading into Summerslam over the WWE Championship. During an elbow drop during the match, Vader missed his opportunity to get out of the way.

HBK yelled at Vader throughout the match, before making a fuss backstage.

Jim Ross on his Grilling JR podcast recalled the incident, saying HBK was lucky “Vader didn’t beat the sh** out of him.”

Ross replied, “Well that’s not good.” Shawn was able to let his cool down because of his office influence. Shawn also knew Vince would back Shawn no matter what. Shawn was unprofessional in my opinion. He played too hard and Leon couldn’t have beaten him. Leon was hungry and wanted to have the chance. He needed an American base. Now he is in the main event at a major pay per view wrestling show for the most prestigious title. Jim Ross stated that Leon had traveled extensively, lost weight, and was more committed to his work. (H/T: WrestlingInc)

Jim Ross spoke out about Shawn Michaels’ attitude during WWE

Jim Ross called Shawn Michaels’ behavior after the match unfair and stated that he still had Vince in his pocket.

JR stated that Vince McMahon, the WWE chairman, saw similarities in Shawn Michaels’ demeanor and attitude.

Shawn was able to stack the deck because he kept Vince close at his side. Vince used to tell me, “You know, Shawn Michaels reminds of me when was younger.” He was referring to Shawn’s demeanor and attitude. Jim Ross said that it wasn’t fair and the match was given four stars. It could have been awarded five stars if Shawn had not shown his childish behavior.

Is it surprising that Shawn Michaels was involved in this Vader-Shawn Michaels incident? Comment below.

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