In a new RTS, Battlestar Galactica and Homeworld collide Game Fragile Existence

I’m not going to lie, I’m very down with this new wave of indie space strategy games. It was first Falling Frontier, Terra Invicta and then Stellar Warfare, a great space RTS project, released last month. Now, we have Fragile Existence to look forward too.

You are the player and you manage a group of ships fleeing the devastation of Earth. This scenario is Battlestar Galactica style. You will need to explore lost sectors in search of valuable resources and manage your fleet’s internal affairs. Finally, find an exit for escape when the Enemy ((tm),) finally catches you.

Fragile Existence is a RTS game with both space-based fleet combat, and a planet-based layer that’s reminiscent of Planetary Annihilation. It is possible to seamlessly move from space to planets. You will need to build a base, send out our harvesters and collect resources. You will need defenses to protect yourself from rogue AIs and other rebellious parties on some planets.

The trailer is here:

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The enemy is bound to find you sooner or later. You’ll need to flee as much of your possessions as possible and escape before they catch you. They won’t likely stand against you in a fight straight away, but there are ways to delay them and give yourself time to escape.

This game is a hybrid, which we find fascinating. The potential to create new mechanics and go beyond what the story tells us is also exciting. The real driving factor in this game will be its internal politics and the fleet management system. According to Lee Harris – CEO, sole member, and mastermind of the game’s developer Fragile Continuum – each ship in your fleet will have an primary allegiance, which will feed into the faction system.

To maintain loyalties, you will have to keep your factions happy. You can also recruit heroes-like leaders from these groups. You will also need to manage ship’s internal inventories. You may have to modify ships as needed depending on your requirements.

Fragile Existence will offer its story-driven, nonlinear campaign as the primary product. However, it will ship with both a planet editor and a solar system editor. This editor will allow players to create their own scenarios.

Harris shared some other ideas with us: Harris said that he would like to create game modes on planets without fleets and then expand from there.

It’s like starting from scratch. Skirmish gaming is something I would like to do, too. Fleet against fleet.

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Fragile Existence is currently targeting a late 2022 release on Steam, “possibly into Early Access.”

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