James Bond actor Sean Connery hated his role in James Bond and gave up his salary


James Bond actor Sean Connery hated his role in James Bond and gave up his salary

Sean Connery will have been 91 years old today, August 25, 2021. The iconic Scottish actor made his debut as James Bond in the first-ever Eon film, 1962’s Dr No. He continued his role in Eon films until Diamonds are Forever which was his final venture. He was tired of playing the role of the hero.

Connery was frustrated at the fact that Bond was his only recognized role.

The star slapped at the fictional character because of it.

Star said that he hated James Bond. He would be a good man to me.” (Via The Guardian).

He didn’t just show disdain for this character.

Connery gave his last Eon movie, Diamonds are Forever to charity, a salary well in excess of $1 million.

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Connery spoke out candidly in 2002 about the things that frustrated him while playing Bond.

He stated that “Well, after you have done the [first two] films, you can just move forward because the rules are established.”

One ends up doing less, as you do what was expected of you and up to some point.

Connery, after six films with Eon as Bond, vowed to never play the hero again.

Twelve years later, the actor signed on to a Bond film called Never Say Never Again.

Taliafilm, a film production company, made the movie 1983 on a modest budget of $36 millions. It adapted Ian Fleming’s book Thunderball.

He spoke out about his return to the franchise during the 1980s.

Connery said, “I demanded that they return to this type of movie, if it was going to be done, which, I suppose is a kind of nostalgia on mine.”

He said that he didn’t want to be involved in future Eon Bond films, and that it wasn’t difficult for him to say so because he wanted to do other things.

It wasn’t so definite to say “yes” [Never Say Never Again]. The idea was born out of several situations. My wife suggested that we try it again. It didn’t sound crazy to me when I considered it.”


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