“Marvel’s What If …?'” We were taken back to an obscure location Moment of MCU. Why?

Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t simply include a collection of films. This is also a fan-fueled space that allows for crazy fantasies. Sometimes, there’s nothing more entertaining than seeing the latest Marvel item and then tearing it apart to contemplate the possibilities.

Get your tearing gloves on. A new episode of is available on Disney+. It turns one small piece of the MCU puzzle in to a big deal.

It’s possible to overlook it, if you only watch the streaming movies or stream shows. But What if …? depicts the demise of the Avengers. The latest episode of’s is an intentional, direct riff on one specific MCU story. The episode does tie together Iron Man 2 and Thor’s events, but this was already done in 2012 with a comic book tie-in.

“Fury’s Big Week” is a series of four comics which was published in March and April 2012 (the two months that preceded the release of the Avengers). You already know the layout of the comics if you have seen the What Suppose… video.

This is evident because none of the heroes in “What If…?” were killed. “The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes” died in MCU. The 2012 movie tie in, which was released under “The Avengers Prelude”, showed how deep-diving MCU fans that Nick Fury and Black Widow played important roles in the creation of Phase Three’s central heroes.

We are not cynics. We’re not realisticists. We’re Marvel fans!

As I was watching the episode, my initial thought was “Holy sh*t, how did the Avengers come together in a matter of just one week?” It was before I even knew that the comic existed. The thinking began to change once I realized that Marvel had told the story before. Why return to the hyper-specific moment which has generated almost no public discussion in nearly a decade since it was first told.

Take a look at the What if episode. This first episode is a direct remix of Captain America. The First Avenger swaps in Captain Britain for Steve Rogers who missed his opportunity to receive the super-soldier serum. Yondu and his dimwitted crew are unable to distinguish one person from the other in episode 2. The episode is clearly an homage to the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

This? This is based upon a comic. The cynic will say that Marvel did this to sell a series of limited editions from 2012, which never saw enough sales. Realists would argue that “Fury’s Big Week” is simply an awesome and entertaining platform for a story. It also makes it easy to explore a question such as “Where would MCU go if the Avengers lost three of their members?”

We are not cynics. We’re not realists, and we are certain not cynics. We’re Marvel fans! Instead of taking the episode as it was, I decided to dive headfirst into my brain. It led me to wonder what Marvel’s game is.

We know the multiverse is coming. It is possible to really and truly understand it right now. It featured a lot of incredible moments and a revealing Doctor Strange voiceover. We know very little about the’multiverse.

This version of Tony Stark is about to have a very bad day.
Credit: Marvel Studios / screenshot: Mashable

We still haven’t figured out much about Marvel’s endless sprawling universes, but the good Doctor was right. Many clues can now be gathered between WandaVision’s potentially game-changing final minutes and the whole finale (and overall premise) of Loki. The rules of this thing, which will fundamentally influence the MCU’s Phase Four, and beyond, are at best extremely fuzzy.

What if …? could seem to exist apart from it all. It was only a few weeks ago when I wrote that the show feels “like an intermission from the MCU, before shit gets really wild.” It was a low-stress Marvel event where the fans were able to enjoy half an hour stories without the need to carry all of the extra baggage that connects them to the larger picture. This impressed me.

How stupid and gullible I was. A.C. Bradley had just told IGN that the events of “What If …?” were canon a week prior. This is part of the MCU multiverse. It is now. The multiverse is here, it’s real and absolutely amazing, folks.”

It is no secret that the multiverse occupies a large space. What if …? can still absolutely occupy that corner without ever intruding upon the MCU and having an impact on its mainline storylines. This is a realistic vision for a Marvel fan.

It’s more fun to find patterns among the chaos than I am searching for them. Spending time deliberating and talking with friends about the connections at the end is more enjoyable than wondering. And for this week’s episode, that forever-ongoing thought experiment forces us to consider why on Earth-199999 Marvel would draw our attention back to an obscure movie tie-in comic from nine years ago.

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