Michael Nader, Dynasty and All My Children star, has died At 76, her wife was heartbroken

Michael Nader, a Dynasty actor, has passed away at the age 76. Jodi Lister, the wife of actor Michael Nader, confirmed that the actor died Monday at her home in Northern California.

Michael passed away after fighting an incurable form of cancer.

Jodi made the following statement to Michael Fairman TV: “With heavy hearts, I share the news about the death of my beloved Michael.

We had 18 great years with our many adopted and fostered dogs.

She said: “Recently Michael was thrilled to connect with his cast members of Dynasty at Emma Samms’ virtual event to raise funds for Long Covid research.

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In Bare Essence, Alexi Theopolous was played by the actor.

Michael’s Dynasty character was captivated with his unforgettable love affair with Alexis Carrington (played beautifully by Joan Collins).

Before the series’ 1989 finale, she had also been involved in romances with other female protagonists.

Michael was then cast as Dimitri Marick in the American soap All My Children.

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