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Naga Munchetty was ‘forced’ to break down because she ‘couldn’t bear it. BBC hosts injury update

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Naga Munchetty was 'forced' to break down because she 'couldn’t bear it.
BBC hosts injury update

Naga Munchetty took to Instagram and shared an update with fans on her recovery yesterday. The BBC Breakfast presenter explained that she had made the “difficult” decision to get back into running after weeks of putting it off.

Naga posted a candid photo on the site where she was completely unmake-up-free.

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BBC’s presenter, who was suffering from Achilles tendonitis (an injury that results in overuse injuries to the Achilles tendon), became “hobbling”. This is a very painful, inflamed condition.

In 2019, the 46-year old first injured her knee. Then, she dislocated her right leg while walking to BBC Breakfast in London.

Naga had given up running after suffering her latest sports injury and has been only going to the gym since.

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In a conversation with Chris Latchem, a BBC Radio 5 Live sport presenter, Naga spoke out about her injuries earlier this year.

BBC Breakfast’s host, Mariah Browne, opened up about her pain.

On her talk, she stated that “I have tendonitis and a sore hip. I also dislocated my knee two years ago, which still gives me gyp.”

“And I noticed that I am not as well-recovered as I was [previously]. “It keeps popping up and disappearing.”

Elle added that it took her a while to heal from tendonitis. It was a couple of months.

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Naga also offered condolences for Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones drummer), who passed away at age 80.

The presenter took to Twitter and retweeted the sad news, along with an emoji of a broken heart.

BBC Breakfast is broadcast daily at 6am on BBC One

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