Neo is back in a new trailer for The Matrix 4 Resurrections.

The Matrix 4’s title has been kept secret for some time. However, Warner Bros. announced that the fourth installment in Wachowski’s series will be called The Matrix: Resurrections at CinemaCon Las Vegas. While no further information has been released, other than the cast, attendees were shown a trailer that revealed the plot of the much-anticipated movie. It also featured Neo’s return (Keanu Reeves) and a mentor.

Reeves was reportedly seen in the trailer as Thomas, a brand new character.

It is not clear at the moment if this is Neo or a brand new character.

The trailer shows Thomas struggling to cope with everyday life. He was trying to solve his problems using the assistance of Neil Patrick Harris’ mysterious psychiatrist.

Thomas questions the doctor, “Am I insane?” He replies, “We don’t say that.”

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Thomas, like Neo, can see the Matrix code. However, he seems to have been suffocating it at home with blue pills.

Yahya Abdul Mahteen II soon introduces the character to Yahya. He looks just like a young Morpheus.

Thomas is offered a red pill by the small-framed, bald prophet. He added: “The only thing that really matters to you” “You won’t give up.”

Jonathan Groff’s suit character, who appears to be saying: “You’re returning to the place it all began.” “Back to the Matrix.” (Via Gizmodo)

Fans of Matrix will be thrilled by the mind-bending film, which is due to release in theaters on September 12.

Reeves made a statement last year about his reasons for returning to the series, which is currently being directed only by Lana Wachowski and not her or her sister Lilly Wachowski.

Reeves stated that “Lana Wachowski’s beautiful script and wonderful story resonated with my heart.” It’s why you should do it.

Harris also spoke out in support of the franchise.

Harris stated that Harris was right: It didn’t feel big because Lana was at her sweet spot. She was shooting on the fly and using natural lighting.

Sometimes you would wait for the skies to clear for an hour before you started filming. In 30 minutes, you could film pages one at a while and be done.

He said, “You’d think that a huge movie would have 100 percent storyboarded and animatics. We would also be reviewing shots. She must have lived it three times before, so I suspect she is ready to make things her own way.

She made the experience feel intimate and it wasn’t very often you felt like you were accomplishing something huge. (Via Variety).

Harris and Reeves both spoke about their love for the Matrix family, but Hugo Weaving from Agent Smith previously said that Lana had “pulled out” of bringing him back.

He explained that Lana wanted me to participate in The Matrix. Keanu, Carrie, me, and others were present for a reading. We all agreed to dates, and everything was fine. But Lana said that she wasn’t sure it would work.

She pulled out of the negotiations. This is where the negotiations ended. “She didn’t think my dedication to the National Theatre would fit with her dates for me.”

Weaving said, “It was a shame that I couldn’t be there all in Berlin. But that was her calling.”

On December 15, 2021, The Matrix Resurrections will be in cinemas.


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