Niantic announced that Pokemon GO will be returning to its original home immediately PokeStops & Gyms have an 80m radius of base interaction Worldwide

To say that it has not been a good time to be a Pokemon GO user would be an understatement. Niantic is getting a lot of negative press, but it’s not for nothing. Niantic announced earlier this month that the quality-of life benefits that were established as a result of the coronavirus pandemic would be removed.

There are however two issues. The pandemic is still ongoing, and people are liking the new features in the game, even though the pandemic. This is because these changes to the game have not only helped socially isolated people due to the pandemic but also made it more accessible. The game is more accessible to people with limited mobility and disabilities.

The game has been made more balanced by some of these changes. This includes the Incense item, used to attract Pokemon, becoming useful, along with the increased reach and guaranteed Gifts at PokeStops, and the walking requirement for the GO Battle League being removed. Although the GO Battle League has no walking requirements, it is not impossible to see that most of these bonuses and changes were temporary. They were, however, removed from this month.

But Niantic is showing signs that they are listening. On Twitter, they confirmed that 80m will now be the minimum interaction radius for PokeStops worldwide. This is because “we have heard from you and understood that this has been an important benefit for many players”. The team also stated that they will share more information next week around September 1. Below are their tweets regarding the subject.

Publited at Thu 26 August 2021, 00:28.54 +0000

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