The game director of Hearts of Iron 4 is leaving to keep it a secret Project that is “not Hearts of Iron”

Hearts of Iron IV’s upcoming No Step Back expansion doesn’t currently have a release window, but what it does have is plenty of quality of life improvements and now, apparently, a new game director.

This week’s dev diary covered some of the smaller minutiae that’s coming with the new DLC, which includes better weather, more equipment micro-management, and the news that long-standing lead Dan ‘Podcat’ Lind is stepping down. He will be handing the reins over to Peter ‘Arheo’ Nicholson, the former game director of Imperator: Rome.

Lind mentioned that, after 7 years of leading Hearts of Iron IV, and before that, a brief stint on Hearts of Iron III, he felt “it was time for something else to sink my teeth in.” However, he could not talk about the project, although he said that it wasn’t Hearts of Iron 5. Shame. He said that he was “super pumped” about the project. Lind agreed, saying that Hearts of Iron IV still has plenty of potential to grow and develop.

No Step Back is the last item on the original list of design ideas Lind created back in 2016. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and allow someone else to lead.


Nicholson stresses that he is excited to make his mark, but Lind and he are very aligned in the direction of Hearts of Iron IV.

He says, “So, to pre-empt some queries, a change in game director doesn’t mean loot box, mana or any radical shift of core design philosophy.”

The weather system is being redesigned by the developers to be more visible and provide a consistent impact on the gameplay. You can also manage your equipment better so that elite divisions have the latest gear. The team also made it possible to build limited numbers of buildings in allies nations.

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Hearts of Iron IV – No Step Back does not have a release window at the time of this writing.

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