The vacuuming rival to New Dyson has a huge advantage
Your floors

The vacuuming rival to New Dyson has a huge advantage Your floors

The vacuuming rival to New Dyson has a huge advantage
Your floors

Dyson may rule the roost when it comes to cordless vacuums but it’ll soon have a new rival to contend with. ROIDMI has just launched the RS70, their latest spring cleaning product.

This vacuum, like most modern ones, can be used to remove dirt and dust from the floor. However it has one advantage over Dyson that may make it an actual competitor. The RS70 does more than just vacuum dust, it also cleans floors.

This vacuum has an interchangeable water tank with a motorised mophead. It is designed to make everything look spotless. ROIDMI claims that the rotating electric dual-mopping toothbrush uses smart chip technology by managing water seepage to maintain mop moisture, but not too wet.

The RS70 claims that it can even remove dried stains with a wiping speed up to 200rpm.

The vacuum also features an OLED display, 6-level air purifier filtration and an internal antibacterial coating to eliminate microbes.

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The machine can also be connected to a smartphone.

This connectivity gives owners access to information such as battery life, battery capacity, battery health, cleaning times, and condition of filter elements.

You can even see how many calories you have burned during cleaning.

Before you start getting too excited about the vacuum’s dual purpose as a mop and vacuum cleaner, remember that it is not cheap.

The flagship RS70 model will set you back around PS600 which is around the same price as Dyson’s new laser-guided V15 Detetct (A full review of that device can be found here).

It’s quite a large sum of money, so it may be worthwhile waiting for reviews before you rush to the local electronics shop.

Standard features include a 5-year motor warranty and a 2-year battery guarantee. The RS70 will be made available starting September via its website and Harrods Selfridges Amazon.

ROIDMI is an emerging brand that you will not be surprised to hear.

The company was established in China in 2015. It launched the first vacuum system in Britain in 2019.

It now makes a variety of products, including robotic cleaners that can whizz across floors.

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