This email is not to be opened! UPS scam: It’s difficult not to fall for the trappings of convincing.

Clicking the button will instantly take you to another website, which looks exactly like an official UPS download page. The vulnerability in the website makes it appear like customers are on an official site.

The user will be asked to fill out a form to enable the parcel to be shipped if they continue to fall for the tricks. This file contains malware which can cause serious damage to your computer.

Expert Daniel Gallagher explained more: “Just seen one of the most convincing phishing emails that I’ve ever seen.” You can fool many people with this one. The actual @UPS site indicates that “Your download will begin shortly.”

Others experts were quick to point out the seriousness and danger of this scam.

Publiated at Wed 25 August 2021, 06:11:41 +0000

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