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To be labelled “dodgy”, a Quarantine bill for PS2,280 will be sent home Bank transaction

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To be labelled "dodgy", a Quarantine bill for PS2,280 will be sent home
Bank transaction

Many Brits prefer to spend their overseas holidays in comfort, rather than cancelling last-minute. Holidaymakers’ plans have changed with each government travel update.

Derek Board, a Briton, decided to take a holiday abroad.

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The trip was three weeks long and he had an amazing time.

Derek stated that he spent three weeks in Turkey while staying at a quarantine hospital. Although it was nice and I wanted to stay longer there, it was not what I needed.

It was a costly wish of the 74-year-old to return home.

He stated that he couldn’t board the plane without paying PS2,280. This was because the English government had said no one could travel to England unless this payment was made.

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Derek refers to mandatory managed quarantine hotels that are available for travelers who arrive in the UK from countries on the red list.

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Turkey currently appears on the redlist, so Derek was forced to make a payment.

Many Britons who returned to Britain during the pandemic had to be kept in quarantine. This is an obligation of the Government.

But, it was not as simple as it should be when Derek arrived in the UK.

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“So I had to pay, but luckily enough, when I got to England, on my phone, Nationwide had contacted me to say they hadn’t paid it, because it looked like a dodgy transaction.”

Derek had arrived in the UK and was being transferred to Crowne Plaza Basingstoke for his mandatory quarantine of 10 days.

Derek attempted to contact someone after his bank blocked payment for his quarantine hotel.


The man said that he had not paid the amount and asked for someone to help him.

The Government’s managed quarantine page mentions financial hardship.

This page discusses “concerns about your financial situation, or your ability pay for your stay”, and also offers the option of “deferred payments”.

Derek stated that he had asked for a meeting with someone at the hotel, but was ignored by them. They won’t speak with me .”

They are unable to advise Briton returning home from Britain on how to stop his quarantine payments being blocked by British banks.

Derek stated that day three of his quarantine was: “The hotel’s very clean, beautiful and delicious, but the money doesn’t really go to the hotel. It goes to an agency, or some other entity and then to the hotel .”

Derek’s three-week-long “holiday” in Turkey, taking him there and back, costs more than Derek’s daily quarantine at PS228 per day.

Derek will be released from quarantine by the end of the week. However, it remains to see if the hotel issue will have been resolved before then.

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