A selection of eFootball’s new gameplay mechanics, animations, and features. Even kicks will not be included at launch

Konami confirmed that some of eFootball’s new mechanics, animations, and kicks will not be available at launch.

Today, the publisher showed gameplay for eFootball – what used to be called PES – and a trailer below. It also confirmed a few new gameplay mechanics that will not be made available until a future update.

The new control ball trapping function, for example, is not available until after launch. Konami stated that intuitive commands can also be used to perform body feints and dribbles. These make each duel exciting for the attacker as well as the defender.

Launch will not include a new feature, “sharp Kicks”, that features new animations.

Shark kicks are special kicks such as fast crosses or lofted passes that require more time. You have to be charged them. This video shows Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s forward, taking a dip shot outside of the area.

A future update will not allow the PlayStation 5 to use DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.


Konami had already described eFootball’s early autumn launch as “basically a demo”.

Konami stated that they want “eFootball to be as accessible as possible” and will release a small number of modes and teams.

We now know that this launch includes limited on-the-pitch mechanics.

It will be launched with a redesign of the system for judging fouls and a new zoom camera for duels on the wings. A seamless restart is also available.


Last month Konami announced it had renamed PES to eFootball and made it free-to-play and digital-only.

eFootball is launched worldwide on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and Windows 10, with iOS and Android following soon.

Only local matches with the likes Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern will be offered at launch. Cross-generation matchmaking will also be possible (PS5 vs PS4, Xbox Series X vs Xbox One), and cross-generation matchmaking. Local matches will allow you to compete against other CPU teams. Konami explained that eFootball will not have any microtransactions during this period, meaning everything is free to play.

Later in the fall, cross-play among all consoles as well as PC is live. There’s also a team building mode and online leagues where you can “take your first team and compete against other players in a competitive global league.”

In the winter Konami will also add support for mobile controllers, cross-play matchmaking on all platforms (including mobile when using controllers), and professional and amateur esports tournaments.


Konami stated that it will sell game mode DLC as an optional purchase, which allows players to create the experience they want.

One of these DLC game modes is Master League, perhaps Pro Evolution Soccer’s most famous game mode. It is not yet known how much Konami will charge.

After Konami launched the ‘New Football Game Online Performance Test,’ Konami has been a subject of much discussion (see below the gameplay video). It was initially thought that it was a preview of PES 2022. Now we know that it was an early glimpse at eFootball.

Concern revolves around the fact that eFootball can be played on both mobile and PC with crossplay eventually across all platforms. (eFootball was developed using the Unreal engine, not Konami’s Fox Engine).

Konami stated that eFootball was originally developed for consoles, but it is now available for all users.

The game will fully exploit the hardware capabilities on each device supported by it.”

Are next-gen graphics going to be relegated in order to compete with mobile users?

Konami stated that while Konami will be making some visual adjustments for the mobile version, the next generation graphics on PC and consoles will not be diminished.

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