After the thefts, an elderly pensioner was issued a PS110 parking ticket steal Blue Badge permit

Ollie Silva (71) said that he did everything possible to avoid paying a parking fee from the council. His vehicle had been damaged by some thugs in Brent, London. Because of a condition in his heart, the Blue Badge permits Mr Silva to park his car just outside his home on a busy street.

Although he lost the badge, he still kept his car at home to watch it.

His vehicle had been damaged and was not covered by the bin bags.

He stated that the whole situation was absurd. The car was clearly broken into. The council has nothing in place to handle situations like this.

It’s all one thing after the other. To fix the window, you have to pay and they will ask for payment to park.

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Ollie stated that he had to buy a temporary permit for his street while he waits to get a replacement badge.

He can now stop at his home and not be issued any further sanctions.

Donna Luiz was the daughter of Mr Silva and also upset by the parking fee.

She has made a vow to appeal the penalty and stated that she is “angry” about the way the council handled the matter.

Metropolitan Police stated that no suspects had been identified in the investigation of the car burglary.

After reviewing the evidence, Brent Council has agreed to lift the penalty. was informed by a spokesperson of the council that the Blue Badge Scheme is national and that the council as well as motorists are subject to these rules.

We have an appeals process that can be used for these types of cases.

MyLondon reached out to the council and found that Mr Silva hadn’t made any formal appeal against PCN.

The PCN was cancelled immediately after we became aware that the Police had reported the theft.

We will refund Mr Silva the price of his short-term permit.

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