BBC’s Michaela Strachan updates on the difficult eyes After doctor’s warning, condition

Michaela Strachan, Springwatch’s star, has worn hard contacts for years due to her eye condition. However she now needs soft lenses in her right. Thrilled by the “game changer”, the 55-year-old excitedly shared the update with her fans on Instagram.

As she smiled, the presenter took a photo of her right eye.

She wrote, “Yesterday was an eyes opener literally, in view of her 1,255 fans.”

After 15 years of wearing contact lenses to treat Keratoconus (an eye condition), I was finally prescribed soft lenses. (sic).

It’s almost like swapping slippers for stilettos! This is a game-changer for the eyes! It makes me feel so good.

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Michaela was afflicted by excessive rubbing, which caused her to have “hugely swelling” eyes. She described them as “giant red soccers”.

Daily Record, she added: “All that rubbing gradually warped mine pupils and I developed another condition called Keratoconus which means I have to now wear very hard contacts lenses to protect my eyes.”

Doctors warned the Springwatch star that excessive rubbing could lead to permanent vision loss.

In 2013, the BBC regular said she was now free of her allergies, apart from one.

She continued, “The one niggling allergy that I currently have — ironic considering my job — it’s elephant allergies.”

Her eyes may swell from contact with animals, which could lead to skin irritations.

Michaela is most well-known for her contributions to the BBC’s series watches with Chris Packham.

Due to ongoing coronavirus pandemics, she was forced to miss 2020 Springwatch series. However, she returned to Springwatch earlier in the year.

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