Billie Eilish dedicates the success of her movie “love letter” to ‘It made my who I am’

The latest album from Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever – came out last month and her next project will delve into the record ‘s meaning. On September 3 , the singer is releasing a concert film titled Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles on Disney Plus. The No Time To Die singer has revealed the film – and the album – tell a “story”.

In a recent interview, Billie said that the film was dedicated to Los Angeles because she “formed it”.

Elle continued, “It helped me become who I am today and allowed me to take advantage of the many opportunities I have.”

“I doubt I would have the same things if it weren’t for my home town.”

She smiled and said, “I owe Los Angeles some love!” (Via GMA).

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Billie will be playing “from front-to-back” her new concert film.

Billie, an animated version of Billie will walk the streets of Los Angeles to illustrate the music.


Billie answered the question “Just…?” Billie said that she is satisfied.

Although Billie has a great career, it is not surprising that she was considering ending her career.

Clara Amfo was recently interviewed by the star about her life and journey.

BBC Radio 1’s DJ asked Billie: “What is the future?” Billie responded: “I wish i knew!”

After being questioned by the Grammy Award winner, she replied: “Does it make sense to you to stop working at age 25?” Continue on until you reach 90.

Billie stated that she didn’t know but was thinking about it. It’s hard to know.

“I thought that I wanted to retire, but I’m not sure. But the time that has been given to me by my family forced me to take a break. Let’s just keep going.”

She said, “I want to see shows and more shows… I just want to enjoy my life with animals and breath.” Yes.

Disney Plus releases Happier than Ever: A Love Note To Los Angeles on September 3rd.

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