Discord Down: Server Status Latest, Awaiting Endpoint Connecting issues are a constant struggle

Discord Down: Server Status Latest, Awaiting Endpoint
Connecting issues are a constant struggle

Today’s Discord down reports have been on the rise. Users are reporting problems with their connection or receiving an awaiting message whenever they attempt to use the app. Discord down reporting has increased dramatically according to independent outage monitor Down Detector. This is despite hundreds of people experiencing problems. Down Detector UK recorded a record of over 1,300 Discord downs reports at the time this article was written.

On Twitter, users claimed that they have been receiving Discord waiting for endpoint while Discord kept connecting to messages.

The majority of Discord server connections and voice chat problems are the reason for downs according to Down Detector statistics.

The official Discord Status page states that all systems remain “operational” at the time this article was written.

Discord users have reported issues on Twitter.

One tweet: “@discord Europe & Russia is down. Any ETA on when servers will be back up?”

Another user wrote: @discord Hi guys! Is the Europe Voice Server down at this moment?

Another added comment: “Discord Ping is just getting down.

“Can’t connect properly, friends sound robotics”

Another wrote “My discord has also gone down, on both wifi and router, as well as data.”

Security experts have warned the 140 million Discord users that malware poses a growing threat.

Sophos has revealed that malware detections in recent months have increased by more than 140 percent compared with the same period last year.

Sophos explained that this is partly due to the way Discord stores files on the cloud.

Security experts stated that files uploaded to Discord can remain indefinitely, unless they are reported or deleted.

Sophos stated that malware is primarily spread through social engineering. Malicious files and harmful URLs are spread using deceitful names in order to get others to click.

Sophos continued by stating that the threat actors responsible for these attacks used social engineering to distribute credential-stealing malware and then to use victims’ Discord credentials to target other Discord users.

Stay tuned for more information.

Publited at Thu 26 August 2021, 11:45:00 +0000

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