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Games with Gold September COUNTDOWN Xbox games are free, including Chaosbane

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Games with Gold September COUNTDOWN Xbox games are free, including Chaosbane

Microsoft has confirmed that four more games will be available to download for free during the month of September via the Games with Gold programme.

Today’s announcement included the complete lineup, which was led by Warhammer Chaosbane for Xbox One.

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Chaosbane, one of the newest titles featured in Games with Gold for this year’s edition, is set prior to the Age of Sigmar. It includes elements of hack and slash RPG.

The 2018 version is often compared with Diablo, a light-version of the game. You will be fighting the forces Chaos to protect the world against mad gods.

Chaosbane offers both single and multi-player online or offline cooperative play where players can play as heroes.

You have four options for character types, and you can use some of the strongest artifacts from the Old World to defeat a wide range of enemies.

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Chaosbane’s full description says: “As four heroes fight through the game they will face off against over 70 enemy types that are aligned to the Chaos Gods. These include Cultists and Ungor, Chaos Warriors, as well as the powerful Beasts of Nurgle. Also, you’ll be fighting against powerful enemies that require your full skill to defeat.

Warhammer Chaosbane offers a story mode and countless dungeons. Regular updates will bring new content to the game, giving you a rich, varied experience that will make it a memorable gaming experience. Each character class also offers different challenges that allow you to replay the story and have a completely new experience.

Other Games with Gold titles will be split among Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. This includes Mulaka and Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

These games can all be downloaded and played for free in the next month. However, they may not all appear at once.

On September 1, Chaosbane, Zone of the Enders and Mulaka will become available. Samurai Shodown II and Mulaka will follow on September 16. Below are additional descriptions of each game:

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This action-adventure game is based on Tarahumara’s rich culture. You will fight against the strange foulness in their land. Sukuruame is the local shaman. He draws upon the power and wisdom of the demigods to solve problems, fights hand-to-hand, and places are based on real Sierra locales.

Zone of the Enders HD collection

Hideo Kojima is the space legend who created the Metal Gear series. Jehuty will pilot the Orbital Frame and aid the Space Force in defeating the Bahram forces. This book contains Zone of the Enders as well as Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner.

Samurai Shodown II

Take to the stage and test your skill in fierce sword fighting using Weapon Breaking Attack and Rage System. This renowned fighting game features 15 characters that can wield weapons against a sharp opponent.

Publiated at Thu 26 August 2021, 16:57.12 (+0000).

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