Getting Psyched For Psychonauts 2 by Tim Schafer


FirstPsychonauts it was published almost 16 years ago.We’ve all shared many stories.This is the story of a cult favorite. This is it.Psychonauts 2We can now continue Raz’s adventure! We spoke to Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine Productions and the creator of many gaming classics. He shared more information about Raz’s incredible world with us.Psychonauts 2You can create games that are funny and explore people’s minds.

Q: For those who have never played the first Psychonauts, how would you describe the game?

A: PsychonautsThis is an adventure/action platformer that takes place largely within the human brain. Raz is a young circus acrobat who has psychic abilities. He runs from home to pursue his dreams of being a Psychonaut. Raz has a variety of psychic abilities, including levitation and telekinesis. He also has the ability to project himself into other characters’ mental worlds.

Q: Your creations have always included humor, but video games that make us smile are rare. How difficult is it to get people to laugh with games?

A:Because of the way that games can be funny, I believe they are naturally humorous. Comedy just comes naturally when a game responds to this kind of behavior. Double Fine’s employees are naturally humorous, which is why the jokes just seem to find their way into the game.

Psychonauts 2 - August 25 (Console and PC) - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S * Smart Delivery * Xbox Game Pass

Q: While the idea of looking into other minds can be a wonderful one, it can also seem daunting. How did you decide which mind to look at?

A:Setting the mental stagePsychonauts 2A level can include any type of art or location. We can use any art, anywhere, and any rule we like. This is why we choose ideas that are relevant to the theme of each level. We also help you get to know the mind of the player.

Q: Are we able to expect Raz to have new abilities? Could you please give some examples?

A:Raz is able to use the same returning powers (PSI Punch and Levitation), Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis. PSI Blast and Clairvoyance, as well as three additional powers. Time Bubble allows Raz to slow down enemies and objects in the world. Projection lets him summon an archetype from his subconscious mind and help him with puzzles and battle. Mental Connection lets Raz link to ideas and fly over them. Sometimes, he can make unexpected connections within a person’s brain that could change their behavior.

Getting Psyched For Psychonauts 2 by Tim Schafer

Q: New types of gameplay were introduced in the original game. Is this something that we can expect from the sequel?

A:It is possible! Yes!Psychonauts 2We will be exploring the family story of Raz, the Psychonauts’ history, and their mysterious connections. Raz is placed in unexpected gaming settings such as the pages of books or behindstage at amusement parks.

Q: While the universe that you have created can be explored using other media, why chose video games? What does it allow you to accomplish with this medium that no other media could do?

A:Because video games involve many creative and technical disciplines, they are very exciting. To make our games, we work with animators and musicians as well as designers, engineers, and other creative professionals. We can tell great stories with an incredible pace, even though it takes us hours to complete.

Psychonauts 2

Q: How do you feel about Xbox Game Pass?

A:Double Fine’s Xbox Game Pass games are a huge deal. I believe it will encourage more people to try them out and find a game they like.Psychonauts 2It is. Double Fine games are unique, unpredictability is a goal. This can be a problem when selling $70 boxes in stores. If someone has Xbox Game Pass, they are not at risk of trying.Psychonauts 2You can download it here. Just a click away

Tim Schafer, thank you for answering our questions.PsychonautsAndPsychonauts 2 Xbox Game Pass allows you to access these games today.

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