Michelle Rodriguez shows off her toned body in this photo White bikini for vacation in Sardinia

Michelle Rodriguez shows off her toned body in white bikini while on a sun-soaked sailing vacation in Sardinia.

Michelle Rodriguez showed off her toned figure in yet another bikini on Thursday as she continued to enjoy a luxury vacation in Sardinia, Italy.

Fast & Furious actress, 43 years old, was photographed basking on a yacht in the sun while wearing a white swimsuit.

Michelle was alone, despite having been joined by her friends for the scenic excursion. She also showed off her amazing body.

Soaking up the sun: Michelle Rodriguez, 43, was pictured in a white swimsuit as she continued to enjoy her luxury yachting vacation in Sardinia, Italy

Michelle Rodriguez (43), is enjoying the sunshine as she continues her luxury yachting holiday in Sardinia.

Texas’ native showed off her toned body in a white bathing suit and full-coverage bottoms.

While enjoying the views from several vantage points, she showed off her beautiful skin and tanned lines.

Michelle was unmakeup-free and let her blonde locks blow in the breeze as she took in every moment, her eyes shut.

She also wore a gold necklace around her neck, drawing attention to her bust.

Bikini of choice: The Texas native displayed her gym-honed physique in a ruched white bathing suit top and full coverage bottoms

A bikini to choose: This Texas native showed off her toned body in a full-coverage bathing suit and ruched white top.

Windswept: It proved to be a windy day on the water as her brown tresses enveloped her face while she caught some rays

Windswept: She was blown ashore by her long brown locks, which engulfed her face as she soaked up the sun.

Rodriguez wrapped her body in a towel and made her way onto a yacht covered with towels. She was checking her cell phone.

She was earlier this week seen taking part in paddleboarding and swimming with Raffaella Zardo, an Italian TV presenter.

She was seen also getting in some exercise as she performed a little yoga before sunbathing with her friend.

Michelle was spotted filming Dungeons and Dragons in Ireland during June.

After many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2021, the live-action remake of the video game’s popular title began filming in April 2021. It is now scheduled for release in March 2023.

Relaxation: She has been enjoying her vacation along the coast of central Italy for about a week now

Relaxation: For about one week, she has been relaxing along central Italy’s coast.

Docking zone: The yacht seemed to dock alongside a handful of other luxury vessels as Italy continues to be a prime vacation destination for Hollywood elite

Docking area: It seemed that the yacht docked alongside several other luxurious vessels, as Italy is still a top vacation spot for Hollywood’s elite.

Her picturesque trip to Florida seemed like a celebration of wrapping up another action film and celebrating the release of F9, the ninth installment in the Fast & Furious series.

Rodriguez, despite not being able to attend the June premiere due to an overseas scheduling conflict had spoken glowingly about the movie in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. __S.32__

She said that the franchise had grown tremendously in 18 years. “We have all been in this together,” she added. It was cool to see that the franchise allowed for flexibility and adapting to changing times. It’s clear that F9 is doing justice to all of the girls. F9 is a great organization. I am proud to be associated with each woman.

There will be 11 movies in the franchise, with the 10th opening April 2023.

F9: “I think 9 is doing some justice to all the girls. She told EW that she was proud of all the women in F9 in June, ahead of the movie’s release. This came after a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. pictured January 2020


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