Monty Don discusses worries he has about ‘leaving gardeners’ world’ In tribute to a colleague

Since 2003, Gardeners’ World has had Monty Don as a fixture. One viewer expressed concern that he might be leaving the series after he posted a tribute for his co-host on the show.

He was asked about his plans for social media in the future by the beloved host.

He was contacted by a fan who wrote: @TheMontyDon, please let us know that you aren’t leaving GW.

This tweet gives it the feeling of a real possibility.

“Asking the question that others fear …”

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Monty wrote: “The fantastic Gerry Dawson and assistant/runner Noah filming today at the garden.

Gerry has been a friend for 23 years. It’s an incredible privilege to work with him.

Monty had to take time off from Gardeners’ World filming between 2008-2011 due to illness.

He returned to BBC screens shortly after, and even filmed during the pandemic.

The presenter took several breaks during this episode of the program to take on new projects.

One of the reasons was to film another TV special and record the audio for his latest book.

Since June, the star teased a brand new series in international television.

He wrote: “Away From GW Tonight (and Next Week) Because I have been filming new shows in Italy, Greece, and Croatia.

“Return now to film in the garden next week as usual. “(sic).

He also spoke out earlier in the week about his plans to soon film in Venice.

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