Tesla’s iPhone app has been redesigned and features two new screens for your home. Widgets

Tesla has released a major iOS update with improved controls and management, as well as cool visuals. You can choose between two sizes of widgets to display on your iPhone’s home screen in version 4.0. Tesla Software Updates explains that both widgets contain the exact same information, including the vehicle’s name, battery percentage and location. Tesla had an earlier extension called “Today” for iOS, but it was not nearly as extensive as the new widgets.

You can now send commands directly to your vehicle from the app. Instead of waiting for it to awaken, You can also unlock multiple Teslas with enhanced key support.

The new 3D render of the vehicle is a modern visual that you should immediately notice. New animations are available when charging your car, as well as in the climate control and controls sections. Tesla removed the charging section from its design and displays this information when the car is connected. The app also allows you to view Supercharging history. The sentry, speed limit and valet modes settings were moved to Security. This category includes information on using the Bluetooth and phone keys and tips about where to find them.

This is, in summary, the most significant update of the EV manufacturer’s iOS app for a while. Recently, Tesla has mainly focused on providing bug fixes and improvements, outside of the introduction of Virtual Power Plant enrolment in July.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Engadget.

Publiated at Thu 26 August 2021, 17:32.47 (+0000).

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