The Mistakes Bosses Make when People Return to the Office.

People working together can make businesses more productive. It will not be easy to bring people back into the office if your company is among them. There will be mistakes. These are the five biggest mistakes to avoid.

1. Let’s suppose that people don’t wish to go back to work.

Since I was 13 years old, I have worked exclusively at home. However, my youngest is now in online school. This has made it difficult for me to miss a place where people don’t ask me about laundry. Some people feel grateful to have their office back.

You’ll make people focus on the negative if you think everyone is unhappy and apologize constantly for coming back to work. Let’s be clear: People work better when they’re in close proximity. I love having everyone back at the office.

2. Do not respond to ADA requests.

The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to every company with 15 or more employees, and some states required you to comply with fewer employees. You must make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Telecommuting has been deemed a reasonable accommodation by companies for years.

The past 18 months has taught us that many jobs can be performed remotely. You should not ignore an ADA request for work at home. You should deny the request. Be prepared to explain to the court how your employee was able to work remotely for 18 months and now is unable.

3. Don’t forget about flexibility.

I’m not questioning your decision to bring people back to the office, but don’t forget about the flexibility they’ve grown used to. It’s fine for people to drop their children off after school to go to the office at 8:30 if there’s no reason. A person who expects a washer repairman to arrive can do so from their home. These things are important because happy employees make all the difference.

4. Force bonding.

Although a bonded team is more likely to work together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the right to force them. You don’t have to make everyone go to happy hour just because they are available at the bars and restaurants.

People should work well together. If they choose to spend their time together, it’s up to them. You can have team building activities but remember to consider the needs of your employees. Working together in a supportive and professional environment is the best way to build a team.

5. 5.

Although your state might have removed all restrictions on Covid-19, that does not mean it has disappeared. You can still get it. Keep CDC and state masking guidelines in mind, and encourage everyone to receive a vaccination. People should be more confident about getting the Pfizer vaccine now that it has been officially approved by the FDA.

Social distance when possible, and even if you don’t require masks, make sure employees feel comfortable wearing masks if they want to. Employees who have received the Covid-19 vaccines can be rewarded.

It doesn’t make the pandemic go away. In fact, it makes it more difficult to manage. Be cautious when you open your office again.

Coming back to the office can be a great thing, but don’t make these mistakes, or you may find yourself in the midst of the great resignation. columnsists’ opinions are not the views of

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