This is how Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy in Genshin will be played Impact

As you might be aware by now, Horizon Zero Dawn’s leading archer Aloy is coming down to Genshin Impact town. Guerrilla Games and Mihoyo have partnered up to bring the lead character to the anime game in update 2.1 for PlayStation users and update 2.2 for everyone else. We now have a little more insight into how she will play.

Alongside revealing an upcoming online concert, Mihoyo gave fans a look at Aloy’s gameplay during Gamescom Opening Night Live (below). Aloy is seen at a campfire, before dispatching Hilichurls quickly with her bow. Then we see her with a frost device, which she throws at larger foes, freezing them. After her prey has been trapped, she launches another arrow that deals huge damage.

Mihoyo previously stated that Aloy would be a 5-star bow user and have Cryo abilities. You can free her up to any Adventure Rank 20 user, so don’t hesitate to get started if you aren’t quite there.

The trailer is here:

YouTube Thumbnail

We have the Genshin Impact 2.1 update details for you if you are looking for some entertainment to distract you from the Genshin Impact Aloy launch date. Although you might need to wait longer than the PlayStation friends, there are still plenty of things to do.

Publiated at Thu 26 August 2021, 13:51:43 (+0000).

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