Trailer for Princess Diana: Watch Kristen Stewart as Diana.

Trailer for Princess Diana: Watch Kristen Stewart as Diana.

Yesterday’s first poster of the movie Princess Diana was released. It featured Kristen Stewart crying in her famous wedding gown. A teaser trailer for the movie has arrived with stunning images and Diana’s first words. Spencer wrote: “The union of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has been long ago cold.”

Continue the synopsis: “Though there are rumours about affairs and a divorcement, peace has been ordained for Christmas celebrations at Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

There’s hunting, eating, drinking and shooting. Diana is an expert on the subject. This year will bring a lot of changes.

SPENCER allows you to imagine what could have been during those fateful few days.

Ten years after Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles, the movie about Princess Diana is made in 1991.

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Steven Knight wrote Spencer’s screenplay. Knight is also one of the three founders of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

He was also the director of Dirty Pretty Things and Amazing Grace as well as Eastern Promises, Locked Down, and many other films.

Given Spencer’s film’s late release, perhaps it will generate Oscar buzz like Jackie by Natalie Portman.

Spencer will be released in the US on November 5, while a UK premiere is still to be made.

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