UK homeowners who are holidaymakers could earn a weekly income of ‘PS3,000’ if they Tips to help you choose the perfect property

Raoul Fraser is the founder of Lovat Parks UK, a UK vacation park company. He says that those who are looking to buy a property for a holiday home “shouldn’t consider them investments”. He does however note that owners of holiday homes located in specific locations may be able to rent them out for profit.

Consider the area in which you will be purchasing your home.

Lovat Parks is a popular location for holiday homes in the UK.

Lovat Parks has eight parks in the UK that offer holiday homes. Seven of these have the option to buy a home.

Fraser says that if Britons want to staycation in a property they should research the park where they intend to invest.

He said, “I would always be the park operator if the British Holiday Park and Home Parks Association (or the Caravan Council) are members. They have rules and regulations you must abide by and that I believe is important.”

He said, “Even if we don’t sell to you, when you think about it, you should buy from somebody who’s financially sound.”

It is important to buy from people who treat their customers well.

“Unfortunately there are operators in every industry who often become the customers.”

Fraser recommends that you speak to customers at the park to get a feel for what it is like.

He stated, “You should choose a company that cares about your experience. Make sure to speak with customers at-site to hear their experiences and what they think.

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Choose the best price for your holiday home

Prices for holiday homes vary depending on their age and style.

Fraser points out that custom-built or newer properties are often more expensive than traditional caravans.

He stated that there are different prices for our parks.

You can either buy a used caravan from our Kent site for PS30,000 or a lodge for 10 times the price in Cornwall and/or New Forest.

We always advise that when you are considering buying a vacation home, ensure you have the financial means to do so. Every year people pay fees for their site.

The site fee covers maintenance of the park and allows them to maintain their caravans on land.

Mister Fraser suggests that you think carefully about whether you are making a long-term investment in a property you’ve chosen.

His explanation was: “Just consider it long-term. It’s big, so think long-term. We don’t want people to rush to make decisions.

Is this something you are looking to continue doing for the long-term? It’s not worth keeping it for more than a year and then selling it.

You can decide whether you would like a fully-furnished or custom property

Certain lodges and caravans can have special upholstery or appliances, especially if they are new builds.

Fraser said that customers should plan ahead if they are interested in this product.

He stated that if you have enough notice, you can customize a lodge purchased as a fully furnished lodge.

In other words, it is possible to pick out the furniture and layouts, however, this can take longer than buying one from the store.

Choose your spot carefully

It is important to choose the right location for your vacation home. This can be beneficial to both homeowners and those who plan to rent their properties in the future.

Fraser said: “We recommend that people purchase relatively near their homes so they get the best out of them.”

It’s usually within a radius of two- to three hours. Cornwall is slightly different, as not many people reside there.

For example, in the New Forest it’s not worth buying something and only then using it very sparingly.

He said, “In general people should think about whether they are happy being closer to the coast or inland. Are there good pubs near them? Or are they close enough to shops that are well-connected so you don’t feel too far from the action?

You should be prepared to wait

Fraser states that property demand is on the rise and people should be ready to wait.

Many of the most sought-after parks are currently unavailable. Those looking for new-builds or custom properties must wait until they have their dream home.

He said: “Because demand is high, we always tell customers that you may have to wait until your caravan arrives because manufacturers are under great pressure to meet demand.”

We are still waiting on our vacation homes to arrive at our parks, so please be patient

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