VIDEO: How does the G80 BMW M3 Competition sound? Without OPF


AutoTopNL is another YouTube channel which owns and uses a G80 BMW M3 Competition. Joe Achilles is also using the vehicle. They tuned the Zanzibar Metallic M3 Comp’s power to make it more powerful in a previous video. They modify the video to make it sound better. This is arguably as important.

Euro-market M3s sound less great than they should from the factory. The reason is not the engine itself, although they can be great. It’s due to European emission regulations that require OPF particulate filter on factory exhausts. OPF filters can drastically reduce a vehicle’s exhaust note. Many enthusiasts turn to the aftermarket for a solution.

AutoTopNL brought their BMW M3 Competition over to CT Automotive. CT Automotive removed the OPF filter as well as the silencer, and installed their own middle-pipe. Although the rest of the exhaust is the same, it sounds quite different. The G80 BMW M3 Competition sounds louder even with an exhaust that is mostly stock. The car also has a lot more automobile flatulence, with each rev sounding like distant gunfire.

Does it actually sound better? Yes, it does. It’s not a drastically different noise, as most of the exhaust is still the same, but it’s quite a bit louder and it allows the M3’s S58 engine to really sing.

The engine sound can make or break a car’s experience. An EV is a better choice if you don’t care about engine/exhaust sound. It can be quite annoying to hear a fantastic engine make a lot of noise due to particulate filters. A quick visit to your local tuner will fix the problem. It doesn’t seem to help much the baby polar bears, though.

Publiated at Wed 25 August 2021, 20:39.57 +0000


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