You can get a small replica of Jeff Bezos’ penis-shaped rocket. Yours for only $69

Okay, it’s a little awkward.

Estes is a manufacturer of model rocket engines and kits, with a new product: A replica of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. (via Gizmodo)

Yes, that means that you can now have a small (1/66 in size) version of the dick-shaped rocket that launched a thousand memes on your desk. It costs $69.99.

For $109.99 you can also get a more extravagant package. This includes the New Shepard rocket, launch pad and controller as well as a set of Estes C5-3 engine packs and recovery wadding. These accessories allow you to launch your little rocket up to 400ft. It will also deploy a small parachutist to keep it from breaking down on its way down.

Unfortunately, if you prefer the other spacefaring billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, who flew a little lower a little earlier than Bezos, you won’t be able to find a model of his rocket on Estes’ website. Branson lovers, it’s not easy.

Pre-orders are currently open for the Blue Origin model rocket. It will then be available widely in November 2021. You can get it here.

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