YouTube: YouTube Search is not available on some platforms Tonight

Tonight’s YouTube core services will not work, and certain platforms won’t be able to do normal tasks.

However, users are reporting that they cannot use YouTube Search on iPad. iPhones seem to have not been affected.

There are thousands of online reports about the outage that occurred tonight on video platforms. It’s not clear what caused it.

YouTube Support has yet to post any information about what’s happening and how long it may take to resolve the problems.

We know that YouTube is down, and thousands of people have been affected. While this may seem like a large number of users, it is only a fraction of the total outage that would result in 50,000+ complaints being received at once.

Google is likely to share more information if there are any problems with the Internet giant.


Publited at Thu 26 August 2021, 00:29.08 +0000

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