Zoom introduces a futuristic feature but it is only currently available to iPad users

Zoom is still in development. The videoconferencing app has grown to be a huge success in the wake of the pandemic, when millions had to use it from their homes.

It’s betting we will all be hooked to screens forever, so its most recent update has a new clever feature to make virtual meetings seem closer to real life.

Instead of having to fumble around in the menus under your video feed to raise your virtual hand or give a thumbs up emoji when in a meeting – something that’s more than a little awkward – Zoom is bringing in gesture reactions.

You will need to hold your thumb or hand up in order for the feature to activate. This is just as it would be in real life. Zoom will recognize your gesture, and convert it to the appropriate icon for you to see in your chat.

The “raise hands” icon will remain visible until either you or your host take it down. However, the thumbs-up only appears for 10 seconds

This feature is currently only available for iPad apps, however we see more widespread adoption in the near future. You’ll have to switch the feature on by going into Settings and selecting “nonverbal feedback option span>”.

Zoom supports additional reactions, such as “yes”, “no”, and “clapping”, among other things. These are quick and easy ways to communicate with your host or to signal that you’re listening without interfering in the call. The company has not yet revealed if they will add them to their new gesture reactions.

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While gesture reactions have been available for some time, it is not possible to do so through the Zoom native app. Snapchat lens technology was used by a developer to recognize responses such as hello, yes or no, question and awesome. You need to download the Snap Camera app, then activate it during your next Zoom call. Zoom is much more convenient by introducing this feature into its own app.

This update is one of many changes Zoom made over the past weeks. Zoom Apps makes it easier to include third-party service providers, while Zoom Events gives you many options for hosting virtual events on the platform. (Remember those pub quizzes online? (

Focus Mode is also available. This mode cuts out all distractions, so that users only can view the host and the content they are sharing. The host however can see everyone on the call. This mode was created for virtual classrooms where students often interrupted each other.

Zoom apps are available for TVs, such as the Fire TV Cube or Alexa smart TVs. You can now join and take calls on a larger screen by using voice commands.

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