Brendan Fraser, Mummy’s star and actor was “choked out” during filming due to a freak accident

Brendan Fraser, Mummy's star and actor was "choked out" during filming due to a freak accident

The Mummy, a 1999 remake of 1932 classic film The Mummy had a completely different story and sequence of events. Rick (Fraser), a Indiana Jones-like character, was trying to rescue the world from Imhotep, an undead Egyptian priest. However, Rick was already a prisoner in war and would soon be executed. Unfortunately, this scene almost ended in tragedy for Rick when he became “fully choked out”.


Fraser spoke recently in an interview regarding the “scary” hanging scene. He was saved by Evelyn Carnahan, Rachel Weisz.

His words were: “There was an iron hangman’s gallows and a hemp rope that had been tied to a noose around my neck. My first attempt at choking is the best.

“[Director] Steve [Sommers] asks: Can we get another rope and relieve the tension?

I said, “All right. One more.” You’re going to be choked in your arteries by a neck noose, regardless of what. (Via Entertainment Weekly)

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Fraser then revealed how one of his mistakes almost cost him his life.

He stated: “So the stuntman lifted the tension from the rope and I went up onto the balls of mine feet. Then I guess he raised the tension again. I am not a ballerina and can’t balance on my tips-toes.

I can still remember the camera panning around and the black iris that appeared at the end was silent films. This was similar to turning down your stereo volume, or the Death Star’s powering down.

Fraser eventually recovered and was fine, but was treated by doctors.

Stephen stated that “[Brendan] was totally to blame. As we get ready to take the shot, he tightens his noose and then tries to look as if it is really strangling.

It cut his carotid vein, or something, and knocked it out. It was his own fault.

Fraser added later that because Stephen had to “sell”, Rick was actually choking and that it was technically his fault for not following my direction.

American actor added that he had taken “three deep breathes” before the camera caught on to him so that his face turned purple.

Fraser continued: “That must have been an [lesson on how] you asphyxiate yourself.” That had to be it.

The Mummy Returns was the second sequel to The Mummy. Sommers took over as star.

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.


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