Guess who the famous Bachelor star was? Reality favourite looks COMPLETELY unrecognisable

Guess who the famous Bachelor star? As he shows off his wild locks, Reality favorite looks completely unrecognizable

He shot to fame as the hunky astrophysicist looking for love on The Bachelor back in 2019.

Fans would not be able to recognize Matt Agnew’s extraordinary lockdown style, which he revealed on Friday.

Matt (34 years old) looked completely unrecognizable with his long, dark hair, and full beard. He posted a photo to Instagram.

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New wild look: While he is most well-known for his role as The Bachelor’s hunky astrophysicist, fans will be forgiven for failing to recognize Matt Agnew. Agnew revealed his lockdown style on Friday.

Matt took a photo to show support for Wear It Purple Day. He wore a purple jumper and a purple jacket.

#WearItPurple aims to create supportive, safe and inclusive spaces for young rainbow people. Matt shared a part of his post, “Show your support by wearing purple Today.”

Matt had a scruffy look with long dark hair and a thick beard, which was a far cry from the man he used to be on The Bachelor.

Back in the day: Matt looked worlds away from his former self as seen on The Bachelor (pictured)

Matt, as seen in The Bachelor (1999) was a world away from Matt’s former self.

He has shared updates with his fans about his hair growth over the past few months.

He showed off his man bun just one week ago.

He captioned one photo with the following: “Tell me that you are in lockdown without telling me why,”

Transformation: In recent months, Matt has been growing out his locks and sharing updates on his hair with fans

Transformation: Matt is sharing his progress on his hair and growing it out with his fans in recent months.

He showed off his latest look, just one week after he had tied his hair. He captioned one photo with the words “Tell me that you are in lockdown”

Matt has a new appearance after one of his Bachelor contestants called him “the nicest man” she had ever met.

Abbie Chatfield took to Instagram Stories recently to defend her hunk.

The 26-year old bombshell said, “Honestly, Matt is the most nicest man that I have ever met. I won’t stand for any iota Matt slander.”

The influencer began her trip down memory lane by showing that she was streaming her Bachelor season, with the caption “Dare I?”

Abbie said, “He’s so gorgeous, isn’t he?”

Abbie finished second on the seventh season of The Bachelor after Matt Agnew selected Chelsie McLeod to be his lead lady.

Only months later, Matt and Chelsie split up.


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