This December, Blasphemous closes with another free story DLC

This December, Blasphemous closes with another free story

There’s also a sequel in 2023.

Blasphemous is The Game Kitchen’s brilliant gothic action platformer. It will be ending its dark redemption story on December 9th with another free expansion, Wounds of Eventide. A sequel is also planned for 2023.

Blasphemous, which released to well-deserved acclaim back in 2019, tells the story of The Penitent One, a pointy hatted fellow with a barbed-wire sword, forced to venture across the accursed kingdom of Cvstodia – a desolate, but lavishly presented world of dark religious iconography, monsters, and encroaching madness.

This is a wonderful game, combining Metroidvania and 2D Souls with some amazing world building and stunningly rendered, eerie imagery. Needless to say, it was an absolute pleasure to return to Blasphemous the following year when The Game Kitchen continued The Penitent One’s tale in its free The Stir of Dawn DLC.

Blasphemous: Wounds Of Eventide – Animated trailer

The Game Kitchen isn’t finished. Blasphemous will release Wounds of Eventide on December 9th for Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. It introduces new bosses and areas as well as items and “the true ending” to the game.

It remains to be determined if that will be The Penitent One’s last appearance. However, we know Wounds Of Eventide is not the end of Blasphemous as an anime series. The Game Kitchen announced that it is currently developing a sequel. It will be available sometime around 2023.

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