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UK holiday: 5 ways to save on your staycation Bookings on a specific day are included

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UK holidays have become a fail-safe way for Britons to enjoy a getaway this year without having to navigate the often confusing restrictions in place for international travel. However, some holiday hopefuls have reported eye-watering quotes for summer staycations to popular destinations across the country.

Reserve on Sunday

Surprisedly, experts believe that travelers could reap financial benefits by booking for a particular day in the week.

Prices for hotel and accommodation can differ depending on when you book. This is because some days and weeks are less popular than others.

With Uswitch reporting that prices are up to 30% cheaper on Sundays than they were on Fridays, holidaymakers might want to book on a Sunday.

Be aware of peak travel hours

The peak travel season is usually during the summer and school holidays.

Parents should not be unable to plan for these situations. However, parents who can be flexible about their travel plans are better.

According to the Uswitch experts, you can save big by booking out-of-season holidays.

If you are looking for summer sun, it is a good idea to make a booking outside school holidays as prices can be significantly reduced.

For additional fees, please check

Holidaymakers can be surprised to find additional charges on their bills.

This applies especially to those who book via third-party websites, which are often known for adding on administration fees and/or service charges.

Experts warn that you should check the website to see if there are any additional fees for booking accommodation and excursions.

Publited at Fri 27 August 2021, 11:46:15 PST +0000

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