Amazon Prime: The best Hindi Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime

Indian entertainment goes beyond Bollywood’s famous musicals. You can find regional productions of films in different languages, as well as short films that are truly outstanding. But, before you get too excited, we should start with the basics.

Amazon boasts a large collection of Hindi films. Hindi is the main language used in Indian cinema, and it also has a wide range of other genres. You want to see a Bollywood movie classic? You have come to the right place! You are looking for an overlooked gem that has a sad ending? You can also find that underrated gem with a sad ending here. A few titles even overlapped with Netflix’s library, so be sure to check out both!

These are 11 of the best Hindi movies on Amazon Prime U.S.

1. Raazi (“Compliant”)

Alia Bhatt portrays a woman who spy on her family members in Raazi. ”
Credit: aa films / zee studios international

This film, directed and written by Meghna Gulzar, is one of the most popular mainstream Indian movies of 2010. Alia Bhatt plays the role of Sehmat Khan, an Indian spy who was a young girl during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Sehmat marries into a Pakistani couple and is given the task of spying for her father. He dies soon after.

Raazi has familiar scenes from spy movies; the training sequence, intense surveillance and encounters with death. But Bhatt’s portrayal of the role grounds the horrors of espionage like few other films. Sehmat can often feel depressed after high-stress situations or when she sees the results of her actions. The body count in a war is purportedly higher than the number of those who were caught up in it. Blind nationalism is a common theme in Indian cinema. But it’s different when seen through the eyes and experiences of younger India and Pakistan and characters such as Sehmat’s husband Iqbal (Vicky Kaushal), who are not only relatable but also never made to look bad.

Raazi: How to Watch How to watch: Raazi

2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham “Sometimes there is joy, other times sadness”

Karan Johar is the director of a stellar cast of stars for “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.” ”
Credit: yash raj films

K3G is Karan Johar’s epic three-and-a half-hour drama. It is The Family Drama of 2000s. In the second part, Rahul’s grown brother Rohan (Hrithik Roshan), travels to London to reunite his family, Parent Trap- style, and also courts Anjali (Kareena Kaput).

Although the film was supposedly made to showcase the hottest romance pairings from three generations of actors (Bachchan’s real-life wife Jaya is the Raichand Matriarch), Johar’s chaotic movie is Bollywood to a T. Khan’s and Kajol’s legendary chemistry incites the first half. The second part gets downright silly (but so much fun!) with Rohan (and Pooja). Roshan and Kapoor were both hot commodities in the ’80s, and the former was often portrayed as a romantic lead and sex symbol without showing the depth to which she is capable. K3G gives her the opportunity to show off her range. The “Poo” scenes have become so famous that even hardcore Bollywood fans quote them with the ubiquitous Mean Girls.

Enjoy the sexual tension and the shocking feminist icon. Then, cry for 40 minutes at the end. The title should have warned you.

You can watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gaham on Amazon Prime.

3. Gully Boy (“Street boy”)

Ranveer Singh’s best work can be seen in Zoya Akhtar’s “Gully Boy.” ”
Credit: zee studios international

Ranveer sings Murad, an Indian college student who is drawn to rap music. He learns about the music and tries to perform rap lyrics. His natural talent quickly propels him into local celebrity status. The current generation of Indian cinema is dominated by Alia Bhatt and Singh. Their collaborations are as strong as one would expect. There are many Indian musicians and rappers featured on the soundtrack, as well as a track featuring Nas, an executive producer.

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4. Dil to Pagal Hai (“The heart is mad”)

“Dil To Pagal Hai” still slaps after over 30 years.
Credit: yash raj films

In a musical romance, Karisma Kapoor, Madhuri dixit and Shahrukh Khan star in this 1997 Bollywood movie. Khan portrays Rahul (the director of a dance theatre company), who is often supported and teased by Nisha Kapoor, his leading dancer. Nisha is injured in her ankle and the company needs a replacement. Pooja (Dixit) takes over as director. She amazes everyone with her talent, while Rahul falls in love.

Dil To Pagal Hai has held up over 30 years thanks to a storm of Bollywood talent including veteran writer/director Yash Chopra and ’90s musical powerhouses Jatin Lalit and feature film debut by Shiamak Dvar, who would be the king for many years. Khan, Kapoor and Dixit deliver grounded, magnetic performances that breathe life into Chopra’s compelling script. As easy as it is to dismiss the film as a love triangle, Chopra’s script gives both Nisha and Pooja room to breathe, grow, love, and hurt — never pitting them against each other (except in one banger of a dance number) but reinforcing their emotional depth.

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5. Pataakha (“Firecracker”)

In “Pataakha,” two sisters battle viciously to the delight of their neighbor. ”
Credit: b4u Motion Pictures

Badki and Chutki, sisters by Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra, don’t get along. They scream and scrape and fight like wild animals and dueling nations-states. Vijay Raaz, their father, tries to calm the tussling siblings but to no avail. Madan and Malhotra make a great team in Vishal Bhardwaj, the writer-director’s most successful work since Omkara. They are relentless in their fight against one another, in front of children and friends throughout their lives.

Pataakha: How to Watch Pataakha is available on Amazon Prime.

6. Chak De! India (Let’s Go India!

Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Kan) is the coach of India’s women’s field hockey team, winning in “Chak De!” 2011. India. India.
Credit: yash raj films

A good sports movie is a must-see. Shimit Amin’s film from 2007 follows India’s field hockey team. It is a group of women with vastly differing religious and cultural backgrounds that illustrate India’s inner diversity and tension. Kabir Khan, a former captain of the men’s hockey team (Shahrukh Kahn), is tasked with inspiring his athletes to be like any other fictional coach. He must not only create cohesive teams but also to recover from his previous losses.

Sagarika Ghatge, a star player who is cocky and misguided (Chitrashi Rawat), and class conflict between people from cities and villages are all part of the story. There are also judgments between players on each other’s motivations for staying and being on the team. Khan is doing his best, but the movie’s main focus is on India’s enduring and often underrated women. They are the ones you will cheer for, from beginning to end.

Chak De: How to Watch! India India

7. Baaja Baraat (“Band music, Wedding festivities”)

Band Baaja Baaraat is the story of an unlikely couple who plan weddings: Bittoo (Ranveer Sing) and Shruti(Anoushka Sharma). It means “Your wedding.” “Our tension” is ).Credit: yash raj films

Although there are clashes at the wedding gate crash, Bittoo (Ranveer Sing) and Shruthi(Anoushka Sharma), start their own business as wedding planners. Business is growing despite some initial stumbling blocks. However, it leads to Shruthi’s fear that it will lead to them falling in love. Band Baaja Baraat is irresistible charming. This was similar to Sharma’s debut film. Maneesh Sharma, a first-time director of feature films, and Habib Faisal, the writer, keep this film from becoming one of many Indian series and movies about weddings and wedding planning.

You can watch Band Baaja Baraat on Amazon Prime.

8. Sherni (“Tigress”)

Vidya Balan, 2021 action-thriller “Sherni.” ”
Credit to Amazon

Vidya Vincent, a forest officer (Vidya Balian), is assigned to find an intruder tiger. This film was made by Amit Masurkar. Vidya is a government official and must deal with corrupt and powerful people who disregard Indian wildlife or discredit her for being a woman. (Strong women can sometimes be called sherni).

Aastha Tippu keeps the tension understated and simmering while hinting at something bigger like the Tiger just out of sight. Balan, who is known for his indelible performances and is supported here by an incredible supporting cast that feels so real they seem impossible to be faked.

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9. Hum Tum (“Me/You”)

Rani Mukherji stars alongside Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum, a Hindi remake to “When Harry Met Sally.” ”
Credit: yash raj films

The hilarious remake of When Harry Met Sally sees Rhea (Rani Mukherji), and Karan, (Saif Ali Khan), through a decade together. He initially annoys her by praising cringey stereotypes of the other gender. But as they get to know each other better, their friendship blossoms into a strong bond that leads to romantic love.

In 2018, I was afraid that Hum Tum would crumble under the weight of modern criticism. But it held up surprising well. Khan and Mukherji have a strong chemistry that allowed them to costar in a series of films. With Kunal Kohli, the writer-director they create two characters that feel more like what we see every day than any perfect representation. You’ll be able to enjoy it, even if there is some 2005 editing and wardrobe choices.

Hum Tum streaming now on Amazon Prime __S.148__

10. Thappad (Slap)

Ami (Taapsee Pantnu) sees her entire world destroyed by one act in “Thappad.” ”
Credit: aa FILMS

When Vikram punches Ami in front of many witnesses at a party, the supposed idyllic union of Ami and Vikram (Taapsee Pandanu), is thrown into chaos. This is not an easy premise to nail. However, Anubhav Sinha does a great job of following Ami’s unraveling domesticity with the help and experience from everyone else.

Domestic abuse is an epidemic in India where women make up a small percentage of the population. Ami is brushed aside by her maid and used it as a justification for domestic abuse. Vikram, their neighbor, is criticized for not wanting to forget the entire episode. Ami’s brother holds a different opinion than his wife. Sometimes the slap is portrayed as trivial, while others are pivotal. It actively challenges and gaslights viewers to discover and keep their own perspective. It could easily have been a Bollywood Movie with a Message. While Ami delivers at least one tearful monologue in the film, the remainder of the movie is more provocative than those that are more action-oriented.

Thappad: How to watch How to watch: Thappad

11. Dawaat e-Ishq (“Feast of love”)

Credit: yash raj films

Gullu (Parineeti Chpra) and Anupam Kher (her father) devise a plan to find potential husbands and sue anyone who asks them for a divorce.

While the scheme may be interesting and fun, Dawaat­e-Ishq is what really makes this film stand out. Kapoor is a criminally charming suitor for Tariq. Chopra and Kapoor also sustain the film through many musical montages, a slow ending with their crazy chemistry and an inexplicable climax. Stay for the taste, come for the food.

Dawaat-eIshq: How to Watch Amazon Prime now streams Dawaat-e-Ishq

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