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At Jake Paul vs. Tyron woodley, Brawl almost breaks out weigh-ins over failed ‘Gotcha hat’

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At Jake Paul vs. Tyron woodley, Brawl almost breaks out
weigh-ins over failed 'Gotcha hat'

CLEVELAND — Raising Cane, Raising Cane, Dude Wipes, and “Gotcha hat.” These are the four items you wouldn’t think could be part of a weigh-in for boxing. They didn’t feel strange despite the Jake Paul-Tyron woodley circus sweeping through Paul’s town, culminating in Sunday’s Showtime boxing match.

The YouTube star-turned-boxer and former UFC Welterweight Champion have been locked in heated verbal sparring throughout fight week. It was expected that the pair would have some physicality when they reached the final weigh-in.

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After Paul was weighing in at 193 pounds, Woodley was at 189.5. Although Paul had a 4 inch advantage in height, the intensity was almost equal.

Despite tensions being high, the staredown produced nothing extraordinary except for Paul’s robot dancing behind him. Ariel Helwani, BT Sport’s reporter, was able to get a hold of Paul. Woodley approached the 24-year-old while he was enjoying Raising Cane chicken fingers. He also brought a few Dude Wipes, which are baby wipes made for men. Woodley has had a loyal sponsor from the company for many years.

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Paul immediately grabbed his hat to recreate the Floyd Mayweather “Gotcha Hat” moment. This was before Logan, his brother, had his exhibition fight with Mayweather.

Paul failed in his attempt, and both sides poured onto the stage. Security and cooler heads prevailed. After a brief brawl at the last press conference, which was provoked by an argument between Woodley’s mom and one of Paul’s camp members, they stopped another ugly show. The camps parted ways eventually.

The excitement will end in an exciting fight, which has been highly anticipated and is sure to be a great promotion.

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