Details of the Gardner Minshew Trade: Why Eagles traded to Jaguars QB

Early Saturday saw the Eagles and Jaguars engage in an intriguing trade. Jacksonville traded third-year quarterback Gardner Minshew for a sixth-round conditional pick to Philadelphia.

Minshew was a Jaguars rookie in 2019, with 12 and 8 starts, respectively. This helped to explain Jacksonville’s No. 1 pick, Trevor Lawrence. Minshew was drafted 1st overall by the NFL Draft in 2021. Minshew’s career record includes 62.9 percent completions of passes, 5,530 yards, 37 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

The Jaguars would then move Minshew. Minshew, even though Urban Meyer has made Lawrence his starter and is now a coach of the Jaguars, could have served as a backup player with valuable experience in starting if needed. Why did the Eagles trade him, considering Jalen HUTS is presumed to be the starter and Joe Flacco looked great as a backup.

Sporting News breaks down how the trade works for each team:

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The Eagles unofficially announced that Minshew had been traded to them. They also revealed the reason they named him third on the team, releasing third-stringer quarterback Nick Mullens.

Two-and-a half months after signing an agreement for one year with the Eagles after he was freed from the 49ers, Mullens didn’t play well in preseason. He was supposed to become a restricted-free agent but San Francisco declined to offer him a deal, so he could sign with any team. Coach Nick Sirianni didn’t like his play.

Philadelphia will need to sign Flacco for a $3.5 million one-year deal in 2020. Minshew still has two years on his contract, but this will allow him to be a long-term backup for Philly.

John Clark from NBC Sports Philly says that the Eagles trade for Minshew was a depth play. This move was made in the awareness of COVID-19, which is an ongoing problem for many teams. There’s also an extra regular-season match to consider:

So, the question is: Why did Jacksonville trade Minshew for him? It’s possible Meyer didn’t want to create a situation where some players were still in Minshew’s camp while Lawrence got more game-ready (the Dolphins faced a similar situation in 2020 with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tua Tagovailoa). It’s evident that Lawrence has a much higher ceiling than Minshew and would have taken Minshew’s starting spot regardless.

Meyer seems to be all in on Lawrence so he probably traded Minshew, who was unable to take advantage of preseason competition. This would have allowed him to use his picks for players that he chooses. According to a report by Ian Rapoport, the conditional sixth-round pick could become a fifth-rounder if Minshew participates in 50 percent of snaps in at least three games. It’s highly unlikely, but Meyer and Co. could still be able to pick him up with Flacco and Hurts in his sights.

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