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Flash mob ‘Cinderella’ inflicts another cursed viral Celebrity video on Twitter

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Flash mob 'Cinderella’ inflicts another cursed viral
Celebrity video on Twitter

The COVID-19 crisis is nearly a year old and the celebrity pandemic continues to decimate our world. The latest viral video, which captures yet another crime committed by a celebrity against an uninformed public, might actually be the most disturbing.

The cast of Cinderella decided that flash mobbing innocent Los Angeles motorists was a way to promote the movie. This being the real world, the flash mob quickly grew beyond LA traffic to become a massive social media swarm.

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With all the tone-deafness of a Gal Gadot “Imagine” video, the viral clip shows Camilla Cabello, James Corden, Billy Porter, and Idina Menzel seemingly dressed in Target costumes while inflicting a high school theater-caliber rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” on unsuspecting civilians.

You heard it right. J. was even dragged along by them. Lo was even dragged into the ensuing cursed mess. I hope this is enough to prompt a cease-and-desist letter. There was more to the onslaught. The “climax” is a scene in which a suit-clad rat named James Corden starts vigorously drying the air by humping it near the driver’s window.

One Twitter user, who posted the original video and presumably saw the entire event, had a positive reaction. While I am happy for Corden and his team, it is hard to not feel some frustration in their response.

Everybody on Earth appears to be aware that the celebrity culture we used to know has disappeared since 2020, when the pandemic began. Except for those most ignorant celebrities.

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These millionaire wealthy people continue to inflict their Not Reading The Room-itis upon the public. We are too distracted by unprecedented economic and climate free falls, poverty and housing crises, mental trauma and burnout. is an ongoing pandemic which has claimed many millions of human lives.

Jokes aside. Cringey videos of celebrities from the pandemic-era aren’t doing any harm other than maybe to the public goodwill. The vitriol that antics such as these elicit on the internet shows a shift away from celebrities being something to be proud of, but more toward seeing the existence of the wealthy and famous as an insult to everyday life.

It’s obvious that celebrities are the worst thing for anyone trying to make it to Los Angeles on a daily basis. They will stop traffic to sing about their role in another Hollywood remake. They’re also interacting with strangers while doing this unmasked.

Luckily, though, Twitter was quick as ever to remind these celebrities that, Kim, there’s people that are dying.

Below is a good portion of the viral video’s spread via re-shares. It’s since been ratio-ed to hell, with more than 22,000 (and counting) quote tweets, accompanied by a comment section that reads like group therapy.

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A man contemplated the unthinkable question: What would he do in this situation?

However, a number of Twitter users have already spoken out to confirm what many of us think.

Some people began to share the video with something similar to a trigger warning to avoid the unaware witnessing the things that the rest of the world cannot see.

Another made tragedy into an opportunity with an edit that spares Jennifer Lopez any unwilling participation. It replaces “Let’s Get Loud” with a more appropriate track.

Perhaps a Bible verse from the Book of Revelations might be what you need to help get through this unimaginable horror.

There’s Los Angeles slander being flung around, too. As a Los Angeles resident, please don’t blame those who are most affected by celebrity tyranny.

Some other LA residents have put the situation in perspective and asked for sympathy from the internet when they see us struggling to endure not just our notoriously poor traffic but also this bullshit.

Publited Sat, 28 August 2021 at 21:13.33 +0000

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