Netflix saves NBC’s canned series Manifest for one last. Season


Netflix saves NBC's canned series Manifest for one last.

Netflix is giving the crew and passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 the happy ending that they are due.

It picked up the streaming service two seasons of the canceled NBC series Manifest, which was cancelled in June. The show has been hugely successful there. The third season was added to the streaming service. So now, on the symbolically meaningful day of Aug. 28 (8/28, aka Montego Air Flight 828), Netflix has confirmed its plans to give the series a “super-sized” fourth and final season.

What began years ago as an idea in my head has turned into the most amazing jet engine adventure of my life. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined the outpouring worldwide love and support of this story and its characters and the team that work so hard in making it come to life.” Jeff Rake, series creator, said in a statement to accompany Netflix’s announcement.

He said, “That we can reward the fans by giving them the ending they want moves me to the core.” The cast, crew, writers, directors and producers would like to thank Warner Bros. and Netflix for their support. This was possible because of you.

With 20 episodes, the fourth season of manifest (which Netflix refers to explicitly as “final”) is going to be an enormous one. This is a huge amount for an hour-long show. According to reports, the 20 episodes of the show will be split into several releases. This is similar to what Netflix did with Master of the Universe and The Get Down.

Manifest, a series of supernatural dramas about flight 828 that takes off from Jamaica and arrives in New York five years later, is available for those who aren’t familiar with the subject. The mystery surrounding what happened to the passengers of the lost-and-found flight only grows as they return to the society.

When Manifest‘s two first seasons were available for streaming, Netflix subscribers eagerly flocked to the site. The show debuted at #2 in Netflix’s “Top 10”, and quickly rose to #1. It stayed there for 27 consecutive days. According to TV Line, that run made Manifest #1 in the “Top 10” list, tied with Tiger King. At 29 days, only Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia were longer.

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