PS100million Man Jack Grealish shows his admiration for designer Outfits in PS3,000


PS100million Man Jack Grealish displays his love for designer clothes with a PS3,000 outfit, which includes a PS380 bucket cap! As he looks on Stormzy’s performance at the Leeds Festival

It was not surprising that after his move from Manchester City to PS100 million, he bought new clothes.

And Jack Grealish certainly showed off his unique sense of style after splashing out a staggering PS3,000 on his designer outfit at Leeds Festival on Saturday.

25-year-old footballer was joined by his friends. He paired a PS450 Balanciaga logo shirt with blue PS600 Gucci shorts.

Retro: Jack Grealish rocked up at Reading Festival on Saturday in a unique PS3k outfit made up of  PS380 Gallery Dept bucket hat, white Balenciaga T-shirt and teal Gucci shorts

Retro: Jack Grealish wore a PS380 Gallery Dept bucket cap, white Balenciaga T shirt and teal Gucci shorts to Reading Festival.

He wore Nike Air Force 1 trainers, which cost PS114.50. A pair of Hugo Boss stripes socks was also on sale at PS10.99.

The look was completed with a PS1,500 Christian Dior cross body man bag, and a PS380 mismatched multicoloured bucket hat from Gallery Dept.

Jack is being paid PS230,000 per week. He also played in the 5-0 victory over Arsenal. Jack arrived in the VIP area early in the evening to catch Stormzy (28), the headliner.

Expensive taste: After his PS100 million move to Manchester City, it wasn't a surprise that he had splashed out on some new clothes

He has a very expensive taste.

Squad: The 25-year-old, who was joined by a gang of pals, teamed a PS450 Balanciaga logo T-shirt with a pair of blue PS600 Gucci shorts

Squad: A group of 25-year olds joined the squad. They teamed up a PS450 Balanciaga logo T shirt with blue PS600 Gucci shorts.

Ferocious: Stormzy stole the show as fire erupted on stage during his performance

Ferocious Stormzy: Stormzy was the star of the show, as he lit up the stage with fire during his performance

Stage presence: The rapper appeared in his element as the flames billowed behind him

On stage, the rapper was in control as the flames blasted behind him

Stormzy, his rapper hero brought Leeds the party with an awe-inspiring performance.

He spewed his familiar rhymes along with hair-raising bursts of fire and fireworks.

Croydon-born artist, who was born in Croydon, wore a casual white vest over which he paired it with baggy tan pants.

The 45-mile journey took him from Etihad Stadium in London to Leeds’ Bramham Park where the festival was being held.

This footballer’s ensemble, just above PS3,000 in value, stands out against his sophisticated Boohoo Man denim.

Showstopping: The Brummie and his pals were certainly in for a treat as his rap hero Stormzy brought the party to Leeds with his awe-inspiring performance

The Brummies and his friends were sure to be treated by Stormzy, his rapper hero who brought Leeds the party with an awe-inspiring performance

Relaxed: The Croydon-born artist kept things casual, wearing a white vest top which he paired with a pair of baggy tan trousers

Centre of attention: He spat his recognisable rhymes alongside hair-raising spurts of flame and fireworks

At the centre of attention was Croydon-born artist. He wore a casual white vest over which he paired it with baggy, tan pants.

Man of the moment: The hip-hop artist appeared to be in high spirits as he soaked up the attention

He was the man of the moment: As he took in the attention, the hip-hop artist seemed to be high spirits

To publicize the clothing budget line, where T-shirts are as cheap as PS7 while jeans start at PS21, he was paid approximately PS250,000

Sasha Attwood (25), the girlfriend of former Aston Villa players, didn’t seem to be there following June reports that they had reconnected following a split.

They were photographed together on vacation in Croatia in December. The pair met as teenagers at St Peter’s Roman Catholic secondary School, Solihull (West Midlands).

He certainly does have a kind personality as he was seen enjoying a night with Ellie Brown (23), last week after leaving an event at Peter Street Kitchen, Manchester.

Striking: His look was finished off with a PS1,500 Christian Dior cross-body man bag and a mismatched multi-coloured bucket hat reminiscent of Bill and Ben, the flower pot men

It was striking: He wore a PS1,500 Christian Dior cross body man bag, and an mismatched bucket hat that reminded him of Bill and Ben the flower pot men

A source told The Sun: ‘Drinks were flowing and they were flirting like mad. They snuck out to have a quiet conversation with friends at one point.

“Later in the evening Jack was heading to Chinawhite along with some of his footballing friends, including Riyad Mahrez, Danny Simpson, and teammate Danny Simpson. Ellie was with her friends in the same club that they were.

A separate source, however, claimed that there was nothing between them and they just have common friends.

MailOnline reached out at that time to Ellie and Jack’s representatives for comments.

Sizzling: Jack certainly has a type as he was pictured enjoying a night out with Love Island star Ellie Brown, 23, (pictured) last week as they left an event at Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester

Jack is a hottie: Jack was seen enjoying a night out last week with Ellie Brown (23), as they were leaving an event at Peter Street Kitchen, Manchester.

Beauty: The former Aston Villa player's girlfriend Sasha Attwood, 25, (pictured) didn't appear to be with him following reports in June that they had reconciled following a brief split

Beauty: Sasha Attwood (pictured), the girlfriend of former Aston Villa players, didn’t seem to be with him after June reports that they had reconnected following a split.


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