“Thank you for your memories” Escape to The Chateau’s Dick Angel says goodbye after a trip

Dick Strawbridge, 61, and Angel Adoree, 43, have said their goodbyes today after visiting Ireland for the first time in two years. The Escape To The Chateau couple posted an emotional tweet on Twitter as they shared how they would “dream” of the indulgent fry-ups they enjoyed for a “long time” while they returned to their home in France.

They posted on their Escape To The Chateau official Twitter account: “Guess Where the Strawbridges Have Been…

It’s been 2 years since our last visit to this beautiful place. We are grateful for these wonderful memories, and granny’s Ulster fries.

We are going to continue dreaming about that long! “Xxx.”

Dick and Angel also shared the tweet. They took a picture of themselves under a huge three-leaf clover wall.

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He sighs, “We have never had the 2-hour lunch break like the French because we are too busy.”

We’re waiting for our honeymoon to be complete before we can treat ourselves.

Everyone talks about France’s bureaucracy, but they aren’t as concerned with the urgency of things. This can lead to frustrations like places being closed for lunch or big, two-hour meals.

He said that most shops close, even the large DIY stores. People just ask for your return two hours after closing.

The couple moved to France in 2015 after leaving the UK. They later married at the chateau.

After “falling in Love” with this property, Dick promised his wife that they would restore their home.

Although it was difficult to decide to relocate to another country with Arthur, 8, and Dorothy (7), Angel promised Dick that they would all be fine despite any upheaval.

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