Twitter offers audio chats in ‘Ticketed Spaces,’ which are paid for by some Users

Twitter was able to make money months after it joined the Clubhouse train.

Twitter revealed Friday that iOS users would soon be able charge for audio chats with Spaces. This is the same feature Twitter announced in May to respond to Clubhouse’s zeitgeist. It feels almost like an ancient moment.

They live where Fleets were before they got so horny. Spaces allow users to hear live broadcasts from people who they follow. This feature can also be paid for. Hi, monetization.

Although it is only available to iOS users, Twitter announced that Ticketed Spaces would be made available to all at one time.

Twitter opened applications for Ticketed Spaces back in June, as it started outlining a slew of ways for users to get paid for their posting efforts. Although it doesn’t appear that the company has set any limits to what could happen in Ticketed spaces, the application page suggested workshops or meet & greets for fans.

It could make it easy for Twitter-based influencers to get some money just by engaging with an audience that they have worked hard to build over a period of time. They may have to sell their services in an internet space that is filled with users who often declare, in mockcredulity, “This website’.

Since I have posted almost incessantly over the years, it is pure joy to play the game.

Publited Sat, 28 August 2021 at 19:24:46 +0000

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