After being renamed ‘The Wolf of Chipping Norton,’ Jeremy Clarkson was referred to as “The Wolf of Chipping Norton”. Havoc caused by tractor accident

This is after Jeremy had written about his difficulties with livestock at his Diddly Squat Farm, Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds.

In his column to The Sun, the star stated that caring for animals has brought him more problems than it has benefits.

He said, “They knock down walls or open the doors to the hen-house so Mr Fox can enter, or defecate inside their own water troughs.

“If I had sheep and you have 78 of them, there is nothing you can do with my life but look after them.”

Then he pointed out that the sheep had not helped him financially. He said: “Now, of course, it might seem like all worth while because I can always sell their wool and take their babies to the market.

“Ha. This week, we learned that one sheep’s wool now sells for just 20p.

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