Al Roker offers a warning to those who are concerned about his coverage Hurricane Ida

Al Roker, a famed journalist and forecaster is in Louisiana as Hurricane Ida nears the U.S. Gulf Coast. Guess what, Roker is down in Louisiana doing his job as Hurricane Ida approaches the U.S. Gulf Coast. And hey, guess what?

On Sunday, a clip of Roker reporting from Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain became viral. People from all walks of the globe expressed concern about the weather expert at 67. It’s crazy weather around Roker in the footage. Roker is the one who does this. It’s a skill he is very good at.

Twitter is a quick way to find out what people think about Roker.

Al Roker is way too old to do this. You need to get that guy into a hotel. One user said, “He can tell me the weather from there.” One user wrote: “What did #ALRoker get up to in an attempt to piss off NBC?” It seems unfair to make him suffer in the Hurricane.

A whole lot of ageist comments, though well intentioned and sometimes deeply flawed. You can find many other similar tweets. They don’t have to be retorted. The man only needs to be heard.

They did. The conversation reached a boiling point, and Roker was forced to reply.

Jonathan Capehart, MSNBC’s the Sunday Show interviewed Roker about how he feels about his work. Also what assumptions people make about him.

“I was willing to go out there. It’s what I do. He explained, with patience that comes from someone who’s probably said the exact same thing many times before. We all want to be safe and we don’t do anything that could put us in danger. Although I enjoy the weather and NBC, I won’t risk my life to get it.

He had an even more direct answer for those who believe he is too old to do the things he does: “Hey guess what?” You are a fool! Continue to keep going. Keep going. These young punks. They will be pursued. They will be taken away like dirt.

Here it is. Al Roker is reporting on the historic storm, and taking no ageist bullshit.

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