Buy sustainably, and organize your grocery shopping with these reusable multi-purpose bags

TL;DR: As of Aug. 29, you can make your grocery shopping more green and grab the Lotus Trolley Bags four-pack for only $37.99, a 36% savings.

If you’re still grocery shopping using the store’s single-use plastic bags, what are you even doing? Not only do reusable bags offer an easy way to cut your carbon footprint, but they can also hold more groceries at once, making them much more convenient for an everyday trip to the store. 

If you still haven’t made this essential switch, there’s no time like the present — especially since a four-pack of Lotus Trolley Bags are on sale for only $37.99.

The Lotus Trolley Bags might be familiar to you from the Good Morning America feature. These durable, double-stitched bags are made from polypropylene. They can store up to 50 pounds worth of groceries. These bags fit perfectly inside standard U.S. grocery shopping carts. They also have support rods that can be hung on the sides to organize your groceries. The one heavy-duty bag is designed to protect your cold products, and the others have ample space to hold all the rest. These bags also have special pockets that can be used to store eggs, wine and other necessities.

You can see the system at work:

You can separate the four to make them easier for your own use. If you are only going on a short trip you can remove the support rod so you can carry just a bag. The entire Trolley Bag System can be folded up and stored in a lightweight, compact container until the next grocery trip.

The bags have mold-resistant mesh bottoms that prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. They can also be machine washed.

With scientists estimating $37.99 (regularly $59). Every sale is donated to ocean-protecting non-profits.

Lotus Trolley Bags (4-Pack) -- $37.99

Credit to Lotus Trolley Bag

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