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Dateable weapons from ‘Boyfriend Dungeon,’ ranked

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You can’t win in love unless you choose the right weapon. Boyfriend Dungeon is a new dating sim that allows you to date swords which transform into human beings. Why not?

There are many options for romance in this unique game. Boyfriend Dugout allows you to have more platonic relationships if the weapons don’t work for your purposes.

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While the game gives you some freedom, there are certain blades that are more powerful than others. Some dueling partners should be kept in their respective sheaths. Here’s our list of Boyfriend Dungeon potential partners in a ascending order.

Warning: Spoilers!

7. 7.

Having abs is not a personality.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

This man is the worst. If everyone is aware, polyamory can only be called polyamory. Otherwise it would just amount to cheating. Although I did see other swords at times, it was not something I deliberately concealed or lied about. Sunder apologized to me for finding out that he had been caught.

Sunder is an emotionally distant, secretive fuckboi that only wants me for my body. He has nothing to offer except his physical fitness. However, he would be some if he was a better worker. You keep digging in the trash thinking that there’s some hidden treasure. But, you find more garbage. You should dump him.

6. Sawyer

Congratulations, you’ve just adopted a child.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming
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I don’t mean to be negative, Sawyer seems like a decent person. For romance purposes? It is not. Absolutely not. You’re an unemployed college student that uses you as a cheater on your exams. They can’t even boil an egg. This is not appealing.

Fine, everyone is going to have some gaps in their education. If you don’t have the courage to Google, or the knowledge to recognize that cooking is not your invention, and the common sense of not spiking food with cough syrup then we won’t be able to hang. Sawyer is not a good partner. You’re basically their child. They are essentially a child.

5. Rowan

I cannot live in Rowan’s parallel reality.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

Rowan and my interests are not closely related, making it difficult to find a romantic partner. Rowan, for example, is a terminally internet-savvy person, but Rowan, a retired 87 year old, has the same tech skills as me. His greatest passion is antiquing. Their phone is also called a “black prism,” which they refer to as an annoyingly pretentious way to negate any positivewill that may have been gained by not being pure garbage.

The reclusive, solitary mystic is a lonely, withdrawn, and very independent person. It can be difficult for them to get along. Rowan can be confusing, off-putting and it feels like you’re never really getting to know each other. Their world is completely different from mine, and I long to be with my partner.

4. Pocket

It’s a cat.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

Because Pocket is not a human, it’s hard to compare him with Boyfriend Dugeon. Pocket can be a good companion. Pocket is not a very affectionate cat and will avoid your attempts at pet him until you get to know him better. He does possess a unique advantage, however. His nature is warm and soft.

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Pocket may not be the most engaging conversational partner. Pocket can sometimes make it seem like you are left guessing what he wants, despite his high level of cognitive awareness. The cat offers all of the social pressures of a human interaction but only a fraction the rewards, which isn’t an unreasonable trade-off. Although Pocket is a great companion, he cannot compare with a human.

3. Valeria

Fun and exciting, but probably not a long-term relationship.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

Valeria is an adventurer in both human and dagger form. She is a rebellious artist and everyone loves to spend time with her on weekends. She’s not the one with Homecoming Queen in her bag or the delinquent that skips classes and smokes behind the urinal block. Valeria is magnetic and confident. She respects others over any nonsensical rules. And she makes sure that everyone she talks to feels just as fascinating as herself.

It’s difficult to know if Valeria is truly special. Although a relationship with Valeria is attractive, it’s hard to tell if you have enough interest in her, particularly after the excitement has subsided. Valeria doesn’t like being tied down and wants more from life than anyone else. Polyamory can be an issue, but Valeria feels that you are just a secondary character in her dazzling, multifaceted life.

2. 7.

Not as much of a jerk as he could have been.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

Seven would be near the bottom if I had to rank him at the beginning of Boyfriend Dungeon. Verona Beach’s K-pop superstar grew upon me to the point that, if this upward trend of affection continues at the same pace, Seven could end up in first place.

Seven was so uninterested and disinterested when I met him for the first time, that I was astonished that he had even tried to contact me. My interest in someone else is not mine, and our dates were a wasted time. As he opened up, it was clear that he is a shy and down-to-earth individual hidden beneath his negativity, depression, and cynicism. Seven’s childlike, tentative joy over the cupcake and teddy bear I gave him was overwhelming. I also felt a sense of nostalgia for simple childhood memories. Don’t forget the apple peels.

Seven shouldn’t date yet. He’d be better off with a couple of solid friends. However, I see the potential for Seven to become a wonderful boyfriend as his mental health improves and he becomes happier. Although he’s currently in a difficult place, that’s not who he really is.

1. Isaac

The true ending.
Credit: Kitfox Gaming

When I first saw Isaac’s official profile, I wasn’t sure I would like him. A person who enjoys philosophy and haute cuisine seems too organized and tense. This is not someone you can relax with and enjoy a slice of pizza while watching MasterChef Australia.

Isaac’s cool and playful personality surprised me, as well as his love for the party-popper emoji. Isaac’s eagerness to adopt my suggestion emoji showed that he was open to my opinions. It also revealed a casual and fun side of him as well as an innocent desire for learning new things. He would be happy to share pizza with me.

Isaac is strong, mature, reliable, and available to help. He also respects his family and takes care of his neighbors. He also has a penthouse, and will make you breakfast every morning. If you aren’t interested in him, then it’s likely that you’re not ready to make a commitment. Isaac can be a party star, but he is just as charming and loving as anyone else.

Boyfriend Dungeon now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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