Dave Grohl and his 11-year old daughter finally took to the stage drummer nemesis

On Thursday night, something magical took place. An amazing, warm-hearted relationship was formed during the worst days in the pandemic. It led to an actual-life meeting and an incredible performance before thousands.

Yup, Dave Grohl finally played with Nandi Bushell.

The pandemic-weary and pre-vaccine world was looking forward to the autumn season’s expected increase in COVID-19 case numbers. It began in August 2020. People across the web were instantly captivated when Bushell (10 years old) began to drum. She absolutely destroyed a version of the Foo Fighters hit “Everlong” in a video, but not before challenging Grohl himself to a “drum-off.”

A couple weeks later, Grohl gamely responded with an on-camera performance of his own, and the drum-off was underway. The two exchanged impressive displays of their drumming skills over the following weeks. All of us were winners, for getting to witness this beautifully pure and wholesome blossoming of an against-all-odds friendship.

This brings us to August 26. A group of stage technicians created a temporary riser that was adorned with an adorable pink drum set as Grohl spoke to the audience at a Foo Fighters concert in California. The unlikely friendship he formed over the internet, over a distance of thousands of miles, was his topic. Bushell was the subject of his entire back-and forth, including details about how Bushell “whooped” him multiple times.

He said, “But ofcourse, this person inspired us last year so greatly, and we’ll tell why.” Because in an era when all that was available to you was bad news, you didn’t have the option of turning on your computer or picking up your phone. You could see the connection between these two strangers making music and sharing joy all over the globe.

“So, ladies and gentlemen. Would you please accept Nandi, the badass drummer of the world?”

The music is playing. Fan in the crowd captured this amazing performance of Everlong. Grohl was afraid to test his resolve against Bushell (now 11). He just played right along with her as she brought the house down.

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