Do not stop! Stop! Die! Traffic Jams VR can be fun, but only if you are willing to die! You play it like you’re a jerk

In this week’s VR Corner, Ian causes collisions.

After being on PC since September, Traffic Jams VR was finally made available for PSVR.

Traffic Jams places players under the strict white gloves of a traffic controller trainee who has to guide motor vehicles and pedestrians safely through busy intersections around the globe.

Although it is a cartoony, bright and comical version of the simulator genre, I found myself quickly tired of its single-note gameplay.

Its bizarre traffic control action felt stale and repetitive despite the introduction of wasps, zombies, and an unanticipated meteor from outer space. Instead of succumbing in to the boredom, I decided to make my own fun by creating as much car-related carnage as possible.

As I spin Traffic Jams on my PS5, you can witness the chaos unfolding in Ian’s VR Corner.

Traffic Jams VR is a seated experience that uses the same family-friendly vibe as Job Simulator. However, it lacks the missions and deadpan humor. This means that VR fans of all skill levels and ages should feel at ease playing Traffic Jams, though I think it will be more appealing to younger audiences.

Traffic Jams makes use of motion controls that allow you to direct traffic flow using real-life gestures. You will require at least one Move controller in order to do this.

You can use the Moves to stop traffic or pedestrians. Simply show them your palm and move them forward by waving your arms. As you advance, the levels become more complex and more difficult. Some of the sets are short-lived and have unique elements like the Tokyo kaiju attack. The core gameplay revolves around traffic management, and even the odd Godzilla foot, it is primarily about that. That repetition quickly drove me to the other side.

There is an option to join a group of friends via PC or mobile for any budding traffic controller. I haven’t been able to give that a spin yet but the people in this trailer sure seem to be having something that resembles a good time, so who knows, maybe that mode will help to drive up the entertainment value a bit.

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